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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    Why you say that? A 429 or a 350 are fairly simple engines, that even I can work on.
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    Well guys, I sold the car today :< 1100$ is all I could manage to get for it in the time I've got. I guess my Nissan is more important... You guys have been great and will hopefully see the new owner her on the board... As for me, I think I my going to get a 66 cadillac or a 73 Monte Carlo...
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    Turbo Buick hood 81-87 200$!!

    Turbo Buick Hood for sale. Was painted lacquer black with single stage paint. May have a very slight imperfection on the front lower part, but still very straight. The underhood mat is in bad shape but. included. Needs to Go ASAP!!!! 200$$ 253-961-6965!!!
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    Buick 3.8l Turbo Block and extra Parts GOTTA GO ASAP!!!

    THIS ENGINE GOTTA GO!!! TAKING ALL OFFERS!!! JUST SHOOT ME A PRICE!! 1986 Buick t-type engine block with about 68k miles on it. (106 block) ***COMES WITH*** *Basic block with new 204/214 cam in block with new lifters still in block *comes with heads with new valve springs, and a bag full of...
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    1983 Buick T-Type Turbo w/ Spare Engine Block and a bunch of parts

    I have a 1983 buick t-type turbo with t-tops for sale... I HATE TO SELL IT, But ive got too. Its my first car, and Ill miss it dearly... It is a project car however, but it does run and drive. theres not many of these left of THIS year. only about 3700 made, and even less had chrome and t-tops...
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    I wanted to say thank you to all of your guys... I'm taking a new trucking job in Utah and won't be home and OTR for the next year. I put my car with someone's personal collection of muscle cars in an indoor climate controlled garage, right next to a 65 el camino SS, a 65 ford mustang, and below...
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    Turbo Century Sedan... Someone might want to go have a look, see if its Legit... ;)
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    Will This work? Number 787? if soo, itll be with the other engine in my bedroom...
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    Anyone In the Vegas/Burbank Area? (weather)

    I will be in Vegas and in the Los Angeles area february 13-19th... hows the weather this time of year, if you see me, give me a pound... ill be at the Bellagio through the 16 and in Hollywood till the 19th...
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    Is going to be in Las Vegas Feb 13-16 and in Los Angeles the 16-19th... if your in the area holler at me and give me a pound!
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    Rebuilt 83 3.8 motor, other B4 black stuff

    Time to look at some shipping quotes!
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    BTW Im still waiting word if that engine is for sale, and AJ, what are you asking for for the COntrol Center?
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    Got a new job today!!! NO more working on a cold ass runway for 10 bucks an hour. New job is delivering parts for an Aerospace Machining Shop delivering parts for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and individual airlines. May get lucky and hear they do engines as well. I can finally afford to save money...
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    How much for the engine? have the heads been ported? anything else it may be missing? pics...

    How much for the engine? have the heads been ported? anything else it may be missing? pics?
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    Someone got older today

    Happy Birthday Aj! , Mines on Tuesday, but I gotta work :rolleyes:
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    Going, Going, Gone...

    Ill definetley take a look. buick parts are hard to come by that are in good shape or are not already beat up or no good. Lots of vinyl top cars out here for some reason. Ill see what I can find in the Junkyard definetley though.
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    low low mileage regal find

    Charlie, Not if I beat you to it... Lool!
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    Going, Going, Gone...

    Finally got my check!!!! Got about 1900$ to play around with for the car. And at this point I see myself having a few options Option A: Have a Lil Fun Before Yanking the engine and getting It Rebuilt Option B: Use that money and finance a cheap car to try to build some credit Option C: (as...
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    Bummer... oh well, I see gas money.