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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Awesome thanks
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Mblum, did you get the stock replacements or v band set up? Any leaks at the ball flange if you went with stock style?
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Anyone have issues with the crossover connections leaking on the stock replacements? Is it worth upgrading to v bands?
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Cool thanks
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Thanks for the guidance. I've read posts where both have had their issues over the years. I have no personal experience with either.
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Yes they are certainly on my list of options as are the GN1 SE. Thanks.
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    WTB aftermarket headers

    Long shot here, but looking for aftermarket headers with crossover for 87 GN. My stockers are beyond repair. Looking for the stock style, not KB style. Just gauging what is available thanks.
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    JS 84-85 Hot air to Intercooler conversion Kit

    He hasn't been here in 5 years
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    Cuts out while rolling into boost

    I may have missed it but have you verified the grounds on the back of the passenger head? They can get stringy if the engine was ever pulled. I added new connectors and attached them to the intake instead. I also added additional grounds which improved the idle and smoothness of the engine. I...
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    What is the best currently available Coil pack and module?

    I've had good luck with the Wells unit from Autozone. And it has a lifetime warranty which makes troubleshooting much easier. Most of the others only carry a 1 year warranty I believe.
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    ATR Headers and crossover pipe for sale $250.00 plus shipping

    I may be interested also. Let me know if the above deal doesn't work out. Just to confirm these are for stock block cars?
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    What's going on?

    Bought a new one. Thanks though.
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    What's going on?

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    Delco cassette low volume

    I believe has them. Not cheap though
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    What's going on?

    Will do thanks
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    Need ONE Air Lift Bag..........

    Contact air lift as they are lifetime warranty. Was able to get a replacement set for nothing. Have your kit # handy when calling. Hope this helps.
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    What's going on?

    Putting this out as a feeler as I'm undecided whether to buy new or used. I'm not sure what they go for used. I'm looking for the standard translator to convert to lt1 or ls1 MAF. PM with what you have. Thanks.
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    Barn find. No low ball offers please.

    Interesting. I thought those models came with a factory pin stripe?
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    Powermaster brake hose

    Anybody know where to find the rubber brake line coming off the pump that runs to a hard line by the firewall? Believe the most recent part # is 18020511 and is called a pressure hose assembly, but I can't find a vendor for it. Thanks.
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    WTB rear seat brace

    I'm still waiting on a price from another member. Pace Carta and Derrick can reach out to the other potential buyers if you like.