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  1. LIL6cyl

    Quick question about cam thrust

    Got everything installed tonight. I opened it it to .0065.
  2. LIL6cyl

    Quick question about cam thrust

    I think I will open it up to .005. I know the cam was clearanced a lil over .010 for the lifters and lobes.
  3. LIL6cyl

    Quick question about cam thrust

    I’m setting up my front cover and have a question. I am running a cast roller 218-218 and have set the thrust at just above 3 thousandths. I’ve seen discussion where some like to run around 8 to 10. I can remove a 5 thousandths shim and be very close to 9. Any recommendations? Stock spec?
  4. LIL6cyl

    Dipstick and dipstick tube

    I am looking for a nice stock dipstick and tube.
  5. LIL6cyl

    WTB Champion Intake

    Just seen a full champion for sale on FB for 2400….. lol
  6. LIL6cyl

    WTB Champion Intake

    Me too friend me too…. Lol
  7. LIL6cyl

    Shout out to Dave...

    Agreed he rocks! Picked up my stroker 2 weeks ago,
  8. LIL6cyl

    WTB ported intake and stock front cover.

    Got a cover. Still looking for a ported intake.
  9. LIL6cyl

    Valve Covers for Champion Aluminum Heads

    I have a set
  10. LIL6cyl

    WTB ported intake and stock front cover.

    Looking to buy a ported intake and stock front cover. I have a HIGH pressure pump cover, but want stock.
  11. LIL6cyl

    Looking for a set of GN 1 valve covers

    I have a set of the Buick ones with the power 6 on them. Need cleaned up bit in good shape.
  12. LIL6cyl

    Cover hardware

  13. LIL6cyl

    Cover hardware

    Hey all, Does anyone know rap’s PN for front cover hardware? Is it the same as the 350? I don’t remember what V8 uses the same cover.
  14. LIL6cyl

    ISO: New hydraulic roller cam anything bigger than stock for 109

    Hit up Dave Hesek, he has cams.
  15. LIL6cyl

    No cruise after switching to Dakota Dash

    It works…. I just did the same. I switched to the GPS speedo sensor as 2 of the converters that come in the kit have died. I wired the gps to the speedo and sent a signal from the gps sender to the vss.
  16. LIL6cyl

    To anyone that has removed a tranny in garage

    i used a large motorcycle jack a few weeks ago. worked perfect. car was abour 2.5 feet off the ground.
  17. LIL6cyl

    Anyone in the area? Meetup?

    I live in south central VA and wanted to see if there was anyone that would want to meet up. I see the Turbo Farm killing it and would love to get some cars together.
  18. LIL6cyl

    Beware of loanshark

    Yup... He just hit me up too....
  19. LIL6cyl

    Timing cover

    Looking for a good timing cover. Preferably a TA ported, but a good condition stock will work!
  20. LIL6cyl

    Original engine a good candidate for a stroker?

    Planning on a new roller. Have a 212-212 roller in the car now.