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    Scanmaster with Bracket

    Do you still have this? If so, please send PP info. Thanks, John
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    Yes please! Forged stock stroke. I have a driving car with rebuilt engine, just didn't install...

    Yes please! Forged stock stroke. I have a driving car with rebuilt engine, just didn't install forged crank. Thanks!
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    83 and 55 pound injectors, modded ecm

    What does modified PL ready mean? I hope I don't sound too stupid?
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    83 and 55 pound injectors, modded ecm

    How much is the 2021 price?
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    83 and 55 pound injectors, modded ecm

    Is ECM and 83s still available?
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    3 Inch high flow cat needed

    are you still looking? I have a BGE Stretched SLIC with shroud and brackets on runnig car. Would like to pictures of your set for possible trade? Let me know, John
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    Alky Control alcohol injection system

    Do you stil have this? Is it a progressive unit? Please let me know. Thanks, John
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    79 lb injector and misc

    Hello, are the injectors low or high impeadance?
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    lets discuss 200r4 trans brakes

    The Stage Right Transbrake is a manual hydraulic brake great for the enthusiast that is in-expensive, at $150.00, and easy to install. But, for serious racing, the EA electric transbrake will have faster, more...
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    Stage right adjustable servo install

    Hello 85tr. Sorry you're having such difficulty. Call or email me an address and I'll send you a RED spring and seal set. The red spring is stronger than the BRF, made to match the adjustable servo.
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    Stage right adjustable servo install

    Yes! Where did you buy the servo? It should have came with instructions telling you to leave the piston out and it should also have included a red return spring as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to call me at 386-243-0235 or call Lonnie at Extreme Automatics at 513-898-0553
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    Parting out 3.8 build (new and used parts)

    Interested in stainless manifolds and crossover...please send picture. Ready with PayPal!
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    Stage right adjustable servo install

    With transmission out of car, loosen the lock nut on the servo, tighten the setscrew with Allen wrench while turning the output shaft clockwise until the band is tight enough to stop the output shaft from turning, then loosen setscrew one-half a turn and turn output shaft. The shaft should turn...
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    GN / G Body parts for sale

    Could you send a picture of the control arms? Very interested! Thankd.
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    Paging Mike Kurtz...

    You know, I'm getting this sinking feeling? Nothing in the original post had anything to do with you, nothing was overtly derogatory, just an attempt to prompt a response from Mike, not you! Now, you want to take over, and tell everyone how YOU handled YOUR problems and how YOU think I should...
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    Paging Mike Kurtz...

    Eticket, that's being passive aggressive! I'm sure you already knew the answer to that, and just to keep it honest, GbodyParts, Extreme Automatics and RJC Racing are all vendors here that sell the servos. While I DID take advantage of the posting to mention the servos, I also included the links...
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    Paging Mike Kurtz...

    Me too, S10xGN! Mike has the reputation as a stand up guy, that's why it is so perplexing that I can't seem to get him to answer or return my calls. I'm using this forum as a means to provide an impetus for communication. I valued Mike's input, that is why I sent an adjustable servo to him free...
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    2004R Billet Adjustable Servo

    Thanks SteveV and MeanBuicks! This servo facilitates much easier and more accurate adjustments without expensive speciality tools, longer pins, pin extenders or shim kits. It is reusable and re-adjustable during routine maintenance and requires no modifications to the transmission. AND, it has...
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    Paging Mike Kurtz...

    Thanks for the info S10xGN, I have all the contact information, that seems to be the problem. I am attempting to get a response through the board as a last resort. I get through on the phone to a secretary and leave messages that do not get returned! All attempts have been documented as to time...
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    Paging Mike Kurtz...

    Still paging Mike Kurtz!