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    What Size Turbos for a 434ci street/race build

    What do you think would be right for a converter? I have no qualms changing it out but I already have this one so I will likely see what it actually stalls to and how it works but if it needs to be changed then so be it.
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    What Size Turbos for a 434ci street/race build

    Hey guys....I am putting together a 434ci RHS block for a project. 9.25 compression, Mast LS7 heads, Cam TBD, 4L80e and a Coan 3600 stall. I was planning on building it out as a supercharged car but I am strongly considering going twins on it. It's intended to be an extremely fast street car...
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    Is the AMS-1000 the King of the Hill for boost controllers?

    Is there a website for it? The Isacalky link in your sig is a dead site.
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    Is the AMS-1000 the King of the Hill for boost controllers?

    Doing some tentative research on boost controllers and it seems like the AMS-1000 is the cream of the crop....might be overkill for what I need but I like gadgets. Any competing products that are similar or better? Any word on what the AMS-2000 will feature for upgrades? Thanks.
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    State of the Buick Community: What to keep it from dying? Please check it out???

    Shane...I have some pretty good contacts at ZMax......I can tell you from experience, the price they quote to start is typically a long way from the price they are willing to accept. Just a thought. PM me if that fits in your secret plan. :biggrin:
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    1987 Turbo Regal Silver with blue interior.

    Can you PM me a phone number and best time to contact you? Thanks.
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    How Hot?

    Lol...Shane's never been in Connecticut. AC is rolling down the windows. :biggrin:
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    WTB Turbo Regal in South East

    I am looking for either a white or silver turbo regal in the 10k to 12k price range. I would consider going higher for the right car but I am really looking for a moderate project that I can tinker with and just have some not really looking for a garage queen. The more speed parts...
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    1987 Turbo Regal Silver with blue interior.

    Did this sell?
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    what's up with this site lately?

    VB4 is a WHOLE nother animal than this one.
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    1987 limited, t-top, gray, leather

    Where are you in Ga?
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    Pippen says Jordan's the greatest ever!

    Frank you have to be kidding......or stoned.....maybe both.
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    Did this cop go too far?

    Got what he deserved in my opinion. Should have arrested him too.
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    Did this cop go too far?

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Gorgeous Blue on Blue W02 Limited for sale...

    Great..I'll give you 5k for the car and you can write it off as a loss against your gain. :biggrin:
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    1987 Grand National for sale in South Carolina

    Do you have specific details of what has been done to the motor and transmission?
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    DAD is totally Against Grand Nationals

    Tell your Dad that mullets aren't cool any more. :cool:
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    1987 silver "t" hard top grey

    Sent you a PM....but I will ask you here too I guess since you didn't reply. Can you list all of the mods made to this car? Thanks.
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    9 sec very nice, collectible '87 Turbo T for sale

    I am in but I need to talk to the shop to see what's involved with getting this thing back back together... I will PM you my phone number but this seems like too good of a deal to pass up. Let's talk today and clear up the details and we could make this happen quickly.
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    Dog owners inside

    That least you found out early before you developed a deep attachment or before something awful happened.