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    Relocated lifters for Stage II Indy blocks

    Nice pictures, thanks.
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    Relocated lifters for Stage II Indy blocks

    I've read some and seen pictures of the square port Stage II heads developed for Indianapolis, but I had always heard that they ran them on regular Stage II blocks made with a lower deck height. In a thread over on Speedtalk someone posted a picture of a motor with the Indy heads but the...
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    removing tranny at home

    Pull the dipstick itself out before you start. Once the bell housing bolts are out so the support tab on the dipstick tube is free the tube just pulls out of the rubber grommet in the transmission. I think it comes out the top easier, if you don't have the car so high it's out of reach, but...
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    Questions on direct scan

    Nothing later than Windows 98SE, and you need a parallel printer port (that's the 25 pin connector, the serial port is the 9 pin one). I use an IBM T23 laptop because way back when I needed a "new" laptop it was old enough to have the parallel port and new enough to have USB ports. Just accept...
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    Turbo Heat Shield Cut Away For 3" DP ?

    I added the 5" scale length so you could zoom it to the right size, and took that picture from the template that came with my THDP years ago. However, I had to cut a good bit more off the cover to clear the pipe than that template shows, and so did most everyone I asked who used it, so don't be...
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    "NEW" CCCI Test Tool

    Well, instructions get dirty and lost, and if it's on the bottom you can't read it when the tester is on the module ... [No big deal, just think of this as a ttt for you :-).]
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    "NEW" CCCI Test Tool

    Looks great. If you see this, John, I know you probably already have a lifetime supply of the printed labels, but it would be really nice if that little troubleshooting table was printed right where the Caspers logo is :-) :-).
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    Rant & Rave... I Hate Effin Craigslist!!!

    I saw a report about people getting robbed like this on one of the 60 minutes type shows. They said that some police departments are encouraging people to meet in their parking lots to do Craigslist deals. Well lit, usually surveillance cameras recording everything, cops close by if needed and...
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    Cooling with large front mount.

    What do you have in the radiator? If you need antifreeze, then of course run it. If you don't, don't and it will run cooler. Many years ago I did some tests, in summer in MD with the ambient maybe in the mid to hi 80's (I posted the results but I'm too lazy to try and find the old post so...
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    Have you ever heard of this shop

    Back in the late 90's or early 2000's one friend had a motor built by a Ray either in Waldorf or Brandywine. I never knew if he had a shop or worked out of his house, and I think he stopped doing turbo Buick work about that time. Pretty sure he was a one man operation. Don't know if he left...
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    All this Head porting and flow talk had me researching flow benches ?? is a great resource, whether you just want to learn how it all works or how to build your own bench.
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    Valley Pan replacement for use with Fel-Pro 1200's. Where?

    Even if you don't have a pcv valve I'd run the valley pan just to keep hot oil off of the bottom of the intake manifold. No data to back it up, but it sure seems one of those "can't hurt" things.
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    Back-up motor on the cheap

    First, in the "old days", balancing wasn't considered necessary if you weren't going over 5500 rpm (that's what I was told by other shadetree mechanics in the 70's I was learning from, anyway :-)). Second, if the block will stay std bore can you scrounge up six stock turbo pistons? Lots...
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    Valley Pan Oil Splash Baffle - Where to get?

    I've heard of taking a stock GM gasket and cutting the port flanges off, leaving just enough of an edge for the valley pan portion to catch, then using the FelPro style separate gaskets. Haven't done this myself so can't say exactly where the valley pan is supposed to catch, and it may need a...
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    Boost loss/backfire after 15 lbs?

    A couple of people mentioned fuel delivery - a few times over the years my car did this, almost like you turned the key off as the boost hit 12-15 psi, sometimes with a small backfire. Of course I chased all the electronic reasons first, sigh. Check the owners manual to see how often the fuel...
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    What intercooler are you running and for what reasons have you made this selection?

    The deflection is inversely proportional to Young's Modulus (or elastic modulus), which does go down some with temperature. For various aluminum alloys it drops about 15% between room temperature and 600 deg F, so for the same applied force the deflection will be 15% greater at 600 F than say...
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    What intercooler are you running and for what reasons have you made this selection?

    Yes, vac, a peak stress of about 20,000 psi to be compared with the tensile strength of 40-50,000 psi (for 6061T6, half that if 1100; not familiar with the 1010 mentioned earlier) before welding, which will get cut roughly in half in the heat affected zone by the welding. AG, the problem with...
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    What intercooler are you running and for what reasons have you made this selection?

    AG, just for grins I assumed that the top rectangular plate on your IC is 6x12", edges rigidly supported since they're all welded, thickness 0.187", and at 40 psi I get a deflection in the center of that section of 0.03" and a peak stress at the center of the 6" edges of 20,000 psi which is...
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    You will see gains, you just have to keep an eye on temps to see how much you can block. One thing to remember is that for a panel about the size of our grill in a 150 mph wind the force on the panel is somewhere over 250 lbs. You can find web sites for calculating wind loading on roofs for...