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    Turbo Buick needed for a low-budget horror film!

    Hey everyone, Haven’t been on here in quite a while, at least since I sold my 86 Rosewood T-type a couple years ago, still kickin myself for doing that by the way. But anyhow I thought I would stop by and see if anyone from Minnesota might be interested in seeing your T-type or GN in my...
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    It's been awhile... But I can't resist! Count me in!
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    WANTED: 1988-89 Lesabre T-Type!

    I know it's not a turbo car but I'm looking to buy a clean 88-89 Lesbre T within 200 miles of Minneapolis Minnesota... Front spoiler and rear spoiler must be intact and not mangled, surface rust okay but not a complete cancer case... Any color, any mileage... Just a decent looking, good...
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    Creative idea's for wife's 30th B-Day!

    Hey gang, Just looking for some creative idea's to celebrate the wife's 30th Birthday on the 23rd... Thought about the typical surprise party or maybe flying to Vegas or something which is at the top of the list now... Anyone have some cool idea's or been to a really cool bash for...
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    Any older Grand Prix Message Boards?

    Thanks... Just posted on each of them!!! Jason
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    Any older Grand Prix Message Boards?

    Hey all, I'm trying to sell a 1979 Grand Prix that I was going to do a Big Block swap with but lost interest... Do any of you know any Grand Prix or ??? website message boards I can post the car for sale on? Your help is...
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    Fuel Filter Removal?

    Figured it out myself... See ya!
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    Fuel Filter Removal?

    One side of the fuel filter on the sc 3800 99 GS I own is not threaded... How do I take it apart from the filter? Do I need a special tool? Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jason
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    Completely Dead, Help!!!!

    Here goes, I put my 86 T-Type away for the winter. Got a nice day and thought I would start it up and let her run for awhile. The battery was dead. I charged it up, go turn the key and nothin... The headlights, dash, etc all light up but the car won't turn over. Not a click from the...
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    Check Engine Light????

    The Check Engine light on my 1999 GS (48k) has been coming on and off for about a week now. I havent noticed and drivability issues because of it... With my 1986 T-Type I can check codes very easy... How do I check codes on my SC GS??? This is the 1st time I've had any issues...
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    Look At What I've Been Up To...

    Hello all, Been gone along time pursuing one of my other passions besides Turbo Buicks... Here is a link:NFTS PRODUCTIONS Let me know what everyone thinks... And yes I still have my pride and joy!!! 182K and still going strong!!!! Jason:D
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    Digital dash, fuel gauge showing "- -"

    This is a long shot but... I had a similar problem... Although I have a regular dash and not the digital, check the wire harness in the trunk. It runs down the driver side near the back of the car. The power wire for the fuel level is back there. Cant remember which one but mine cracked and...
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    Junkyard Hunting

    Last summer I was at a local boneyard and found a complete 85 Grand National. Posi rear, Nice interior but rusty... I didnt havve the right tools with to get the rear. Went home ccamme back next day the entire car was gone. All I got was a MAF, A couple emblems and some trim. I was pissed. Oh...
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    WIERD problem

    The same sort of thing has happened with my car. When my gas would get low, it would starve the fuel pump. Causing the same problem you are having. Was your fuel level low? Did you fill up shortly after the problem occured causinng the problem to go away? Just an idea, hope I'm of some help... JASON
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    anyone from minnesota?

    Hello, Where in Midwestern Minnesota are you from? I live in St. Paul... Jason
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    Cold morning exhaust smoke from tailpipes???

    No weird colored smoke, just vapor... I figured it was normal but I seem to stick out like a sore thumb, ha, ha...
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    Cold morning exhaust smoke from tailpipes???

    I have noticed that during the cold months my car seems to have more noticeable exhaust smoke coming out the tailpipes. There are times when I am waiting at lights and dont see much exhaust smoke from other cars but mine seems to be pouring out. Could I be running very rich? Or is this just...
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    Stock muffler exhaust hangers???

    Does anyone have a picture of what the stock hangers that hold up the crossflow muffler on our cars looks like. Or can anyone describe what style I need to use? Any help is greatly appreciated, THANKS...
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    Modern Musclecar Chip identification???

    Just recieved a chip from a board member and wanted to make sure of a couple things. It was said to be a Modern Musclecar chip for 93 octane and stock injectors. It say's several hand written things on it with white stickers. 1st sticker says MPH Revised and 2nd sticker says 10 Lite M... Does...