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    FS: 1986 Regal Rolling Chassis $2700 South Carolina

    Is the rear end built up at all? Very interested. Youll have PM tomorrow.
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    Anyone have any good Turbo Buick Wallpapers?

    I can see someones keepin it real with the SS in the garage./
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    86 T-Type white

    PM Sent
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    April Contest! GiveAway AGAIN!!!

    In there like Swim wear
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    Buy 1 Porsche, Get 1 Free = OOPS!!

    Stuffed - Offbeat News - Porsche dealer - "I got it wrong with the buy one get one free card". HAHAHAHHAHAA "I have never really been too good at Math and I was sure the whole time we were making money - I was initially blown away by the amount of cars we were selling in that first hour. I...
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    BBC with what adder?

    Right now, I have no plans to race in any classes. Just be very fast. I think I might go with an F4 Procharger with the 540
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    BBC with what adder?

    Ok, once I finally finish up all the other projects I got going on, we start the BBC. For now itll be a 396, but dont worry about that. Evuntally I will be building a 540 BBC (Dart Big M), either AFR or HitMan heads, huge cam, carbbed, etc. Anyways at first I was going to go with a 14-71...
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    Engine parts for the 3.8

    Who are some vendors for the 3.8? I am looking at a 87 WE4. Overall I would end up pulling the engine, building up the bottom end (crank, rods, pistons) throw in a cam, and do the normal mods. Who are some vendors that would sell these things? I know the parts arent as easy to come by as SBC or...
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    HELP,Virgin racer @track

    Everyhting above the "greenLight" is yellow. One bellow the greenlight is red. If you have regular radial tires, dont go through the waterbox. Makes the next run ****ty if the guy behind you has slicks.
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    For those who love TOP SPEED RUNS!!!

    Well it wasent any road in Jersey thats for sure.
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    Limit Engineering TE-44 Turbo Fails

    I dont know much about turbos or V6s....but that doesnt look good.
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    Oil Pressure line?

    This is on a V6 cutlass with the 3.8(carbbed) Recently I put a set of gauges in it (since all it has stock is speed, gas, gear select and odo) I got a 3 gauge pod like I had on my camaro and like we have on the boats (Temp, Oil pressure and Volts). I got the Temp and Volts set up. Now I just...
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    For those who love TOP SPEED RUNS!!!

    Fastest ive been is ~140 in friends 02 WS6 with Heads/Cam In my own cars was around 135 ish in my 91 Trans Am Vert. Im sure my fastest with a friend woulda been faster but I refuse to ride in my friends supra. Not only is it crazy fast...he just is crazy (hes had it to 160+)
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    "Rolling on 26's listening to the train horn"OMG

    Sad part is......Id rock it out.
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    True GN?

    Yeah. Ive been thinking of a project car to do for 1/4. Now I am just gonna go back to putting the 454 in the 84 olds.
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    True GN?

    He was asking 4500. Thats before it caught fire. He is passing it off as a GN. Also he said the car is orig. from Brooklyn and hes only owned it since sept.
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    True GN?

    Well went to see it. What a....well just read ahead. 1) Upon start up smoke outta tail pipe (turbo). 2) Rear main seal leak 3) Tranny leak 4) Had to restart it ~4 times within 5 minutes (kept dying). 5) Overboosting the piss out of it. When he got on it the needle went past 20 (I would say...
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    True GN?

    It is 1G4GM11A5HP406841 From the VIN decoder I found out its (or was) a Regal Limited with the engine code A (3.8L 231 V6 2BBL). I guess someone made a knock off. Im gonna go look at it tonite. If its not too boogered together I might offer him something.
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    True GN?

    I am going to call tonite about a Grand National that is forsale locally. I have the vin number, but also read it wont tell me 100% if it is a GN or not. Its supposdly an 87, DigiDash. From what my father tells me its clean inside and out. Is there an RPO sticker or something I can look for?