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    Need help were do i finf a radiator for my baby

    Not sure where you are located but most big truck shops know where to get them fixed.
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    Tomball guy, wanting back in...

    I am also in Tomball. 249 and 99 area. Hopefully my GN will be back on the road by the first of the year. There are a few of us around.
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    Spoiler pieces.

    I am looking for the small spoiler pieces on the fender extensions.
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    Huge Parts List, selling 31 yrs of Parts collecting, get it while you can! Sept update

    I am interested in the quarter extensions with spoiler. Sending you an email
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    black front bumper fillers on regal

    But a grand national is a regal......
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    Ridiculous amount of parts, will sell most for $30 or less!

    Do you still have the door hinges?
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    Spare Engine

    Earl is there a way to tell if the head gaskets have been replaced before? I am going to have my engine out in the next few months and want to freshen it up but if the heads have never been off (unlickely) I will leave them. Mine is a higher mileage car and just want it running well.
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    Bumper Fillers?

    I am looking at fillers and have decided on the goodmark brand as I cant afford the spoolfool yet. What vendors sells the goodmark brand?
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    Which timing chain to buy?

    Where is the best place to get a stock chain?
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    Methanol & Fire

    Have any of yall read the msds for methonal? Flash point is very low in 60deg range but for it to ignite on its own is in the 800deg range. Not saying thats its unsafe or safe. Thats for your own judgment. I have used straight meth at my last job in the thousands of gallons at a time. We went...
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    Truck & Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    For trailer tires they all suck. I have found keeping the speed down to 60-65 mph has helped save tires. I have an open car hauler thats rated for 7klbs and even went to a 225 e rated tire for the piece of mind that i will never over load them. The trailer lives in enclosed storge so no dry...
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    Drip Rail

    I have pulled all the trim off my car and wanted to know if that is body filler or hard seem sealer in the drip rail.
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    Sound dreading

    Should i spray soming on the back side of the quarters while i have my car tore down this far? Would it be worth while or waste of time? I have the seat belt assembly out as i am filling in the rivit holes for the side trim. Brandon
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    The Problem, How To Solve It? Help

    I know i have gotten into the habit of posting questions to the facebook members page. It has more traffic and can usually get an answer with in a few min of posting. Now when I am googling for answers this board is the first one i look for answers. I generally try to search the answers first...
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    Spokane WA area

    Is the guy i ran into at the track in Spokane on here? Older gentlemen with a pretty nice car.
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    Buick Power Source Book

    Is there somthing better out there?
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    Need Direct Replacement Radiator

    This one is built like the Fbody radiator but has the proper oil cooler in it.
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    BUICK NIGHT - SAT. APRIL 8th (5-9PM) @ OTTO'S BBQ Updated with Pics!

    I did not meet everyone but yall have some beautiful cars. If my car turns out half as nice i will be ecstatic. I cant wait for the next get together where i can stay longer.
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    Cooling issue.

    You are checking the hoses with the radiator cap on right? I know its a stupid question but i had to ask.
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    north side / conroe area?

    We need to get a north side meet up. I am in tomball and there are a few guys in this area. My car is in pieces so it will not ve going anywhere but i am willing to offer a hand where i can.