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    18x9 on front?

    on my car 18 x 8 Fronts w/ 245-40/18 18 x 9.5 Rears w/ 255-45/18
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    WTB- Material to recover my Visors or Replacement visors 86 GN

    My Visors are shot and need material to recover them. OR If you have a nice set of visors for a T-top car with pass side mirror. Thanks for your Help.
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    My new 1986 GN T-Top write up

    Red on the wheels is gone.
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    My new 1986 GN T-Top write up

    more engine and wheels.
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    My new 1986 GN T-Top write up

    Engine bay, I will be cleaning it up in the next few days.
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    My new 1986 GN T-Top write up

    more pictures
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    My new 1986 GN T-Top write up

    Going for a deep cleaning in a few days.
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    Heater blower doesn't run

    GOOD LUCK I purchased that module and still didn't work. Even had my head unit accidentally replaced by a "Buick shop" with a unit that soppusedly know good and it still didn't work. The only thing that got mine to work perfectly was having it replaced with a manual unit. Heat and AC, high...
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    6466 for sale

    Been dreaming of this turbo since 2006. This will be the next turbo on my buick.
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    Does the 1999 6.0 need anything specific to hook up to a 4L80E?

    The 99 6.0 has the "long crank shaft" like the previous version SBC.
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    What’s needed to remove the charcoal canister?

    With all due respect - I have one in my 86 and get NO fuel smell out of it must be working, also added one to my hybrid and it got rid of the fuel smell. The one on the 86 has 85k plus miles on it. The one on the hybrid had over 180k miles on it. Good luck guys which ever way you go.
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    What’s needed to remove the charcoal canister?

    Removing it is a HUGE mistake if you have any type of sense of smell. I removed mine and a few days later put it back in. I my hybrid LC2 car i added it to the build. And yes still did the EGR delete.
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    Dakota VHX, FAST XFI 2.0 cruise control, TCC, Speedo

    TTT Very interested in your solution. I am looking to get a Dakota dash soon, I already have XFI and have no problem with CC or lock up.
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    Turbo Regal Reign comming to an end?

    Lots of people still respect the TRs the biggest issue is that looking at one going down the road you generally can't tell if you are looking at a 9 or 14 second car. I have had some action and the look of disbelief is awesome. I guess since my car "is so quiet it can't be fast".
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    Looking for advice

    thats junk you need this
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    Looking for advice

    when i got my car it had two of those, puck contact didn't exist-- puck was about 1/4 inch out on the pivot side. At least it saved the motor from getting blown up.
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    Looking for advice

    And here i thought you was just f-----g around since someone else just put a picture of the same part but ruined by a belt sander ( blaming the tool not person)
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    Looking for advice

    I love this kind shit makes me feel normal.