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    Iso bhj balancer with trigger wheel

    Iso balancer with wheel for internal balance.
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    Is forged rotating assembly or unopened motor

    Looking for stock stroke, 5.96 rods, .040 pistons. Or an unopened motor 86 87.
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    Looking for a 6262 with e cover if anyone has one for sale before buying a new one.
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    rear Upper and lower control arms

    Looking to upgrade from my stock rear control arms. Looking for both upper and lower. Lmk.
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    Xfi e dash

    Looking to grab an e dash if any one has one for sale.
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    3 inch dual exhaust

    Looking for a nice 3 inch dual exhaust. Not interested In Single shot unless rjc.
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    Wtb 3" downpipe

    Looking for a 3 inch Internal gate downpipe.
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    Tr6 8mm wires

    Like the title says. I'm looking for some plug wires for tr6 for the ls truck coils.
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    A few thing I'm looking for

    I'm looking for a few things figured I'd try here first. 1) scanmanster g for xfi 2) engine oil dipstick 3) xfi e dash 4) 3inch dual exhaust 5) 3 inch dp internal gate
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    Hd waste gate actuator

    Long story short bought a new turbo, came with wrong actuator, need hd not a regular one. Any one with an HD precision actuator???
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    Rjc exhaust and downpipe

    Looking to go with an rjc exhaust and downpipe on my car. Figured I'd try here first.
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    Ive got a bunch of various parts if anyone's interested. 3x) intercooler fans, 25$ 2x)Stock electric fan 50$ 3x)EGR setups and covers 40$ A aftermarket single electric fan 50$ Stock intercooler 100$ Stock pistons and rods 100$ 450lph pump only. Used for 4 months then upgraded. $ 255lph pump...
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    Standalone engine management.

    Am looking for a ms3 or xfi if someone has one for a decent price. Must be plug and play for turbo Buick.
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    Ecm and more

    Stock ECM Was just modded by Bob last fall. Takes high or low z injectors. $150 plus the ride. 450lph pump bought new last may. Removed and used hanger for double pumper $150 plus ride Stock intercooler $75+ shipping 255 lph pump $100
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    Down pipe

    I'm looking to replace my stock down pipe with a 3 inch or 3.5. Th,ta,rjc ect. Got one for sale message me or post it here. Thanks.
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    1987 limited t

    I have a 1987 limited t I'm looking to possibly sell. It wears it's original interior and paint. The sheet metal is all original with no patches or holes. The paint is original and faded. It could use a repaint or just clear it and have the patina look of a sleeper. The motor is a proven 9...
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    80s and more

    Have some 80s seimens Della Injectors just installed this past may. With e85 chip. Still on car but am going bigger. 325 plus shipping obo. Also have some 42 lb injectors 100$ Boost command controller 100$ 3 egr setups 50$ complete. Valve,cover,solenoid 3 intercooler fans 50$ per Stock...
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    Sputter around 15lb

    Car is running on e85, 80s, 6766 turbo tr6 ignition unsure of the cam I just know it's a big one motor pulling 10hg . Builds boost under 10lbs fine,. But once it's gets above that I get sputtering. Tried running with the cam sensor unplugged and it still does it. Wiped lobes???
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    Looking for a tr6 setup for sale. If anyone has one lmk.
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    E85 back to 93???

    So I recently swapped my car over to e85 from 93. Motors previously gone 9.7 with the previous owner/different turbo. Current setup is a 450 pump, 80s with chip, Teflon lines and a 6766. My questions is I guess, what can I do to get back to the 9 second range with e85 or am I better off just...