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  1. NY Twin Turbo

    I have to say, it was a good day.

    I have been working a ridiculous amount of hours recently. I look forward to Sunday car shows and cruises because it gives me an excuse to drive the Buick. But recently, it's still hard for me to make it to these early shows. It seems my body and mind need more than 4 hours sleep at least one...
  2. NY Twin Turbo

    Problem with Window Racer

    I ordered a Window Racer from Kirban's a ways back. I installed it last week or so. Plug and play install with a ground (for those that are curious). The box itself has a slot to receive a 30 amp fuse. And it also has two LED lights on it. Red light indicates "power". Green light indicates...
  3. NY Twin Turbo

    EMC Guys and other members.

    As always, It was great seeing everyone for the first day out with the Buick this season. Thank you to everyone who came buy to say hello. I left at about 4pm and they still had not called trophies yet. Place was mobbed. It was getting a little chilly, I was hungry for dinner, I was tired as...
  4. NY Twin Turbo

    Siamese Block?

    So can someone clearly define a Siamese block for us? I googled it and am still confused because the photos used to illustrate the difference look to me to be the same thing sometimes. In the photos on, the Siamese blocks appear to have two coolant passages along side each other...
  5. NY Twin Turbo

    What Rods Are These?

    Check out this add on Ebay. These Rods look kinda beefy. Are they anything we typically use? Are they aluminum? I can't tell from the photo and I'm not clear on the description.
  6. NY Twin Turbo

    WTB - 4.1 Off Center Stage I

    I would like to buy a Stage I 4.1 Off Center - Casting Number 25500016. If you have one, let's talk. If it's the right one, I plan to make it worth it for you to sell it.
  7. NY Twin Turbo

    WTB - 4.1 Off Center Stage I

    I would like to buy a Stage I 4.1 Off Center - Casting Number 25500016. If you have one, let's talk. If it's the right one, I plan to make it worth it for you to sell it.
  8. NY Twin Turbo

    Long Island / Westchester- Belmont Show

    If any of you Westchester or Empire Muscle Cars guys are reading this............ I miss seeing you guys (you know who you are). I'm going to try to get the Buick out one more time before I tuck it away for it's long winter nap. I apologize for falling off the face of the earth, but It's...
  9. NY Twin Turbo


    How come I don't get alerts on all of my watched threads? Occasionally, I'll scroll through New Posts and see additional comments on threads I have participated in, and I never received an alert notifying. Just a little glitch? Or is there something I need to change in the settings?
  10. NY Twin Turbo

    What Happened To The Emoji Chart.

    Hey, where have all the cool emojis gone! I used to like the the old ones! Some times when I saw posts from members with included emojis in them, I used to bust out laughing because I imagined the actual face on the posting member! The new ones are kinda boring.
  11. NY Twin Turbo

    TR-6 On Twin Turbo

    Some of you may remember this thread....... If not, I'll cut through the chase and get strait to it. Last summer I decided I would convert to a Coil Near Plug set-up. This was going to be the first significant...
  12. NY Twin Turbo

    TR-6 Dwell ? And Plug Gap?

    I have been in the process of fabricating and customizing an entirely new ignition set-up for the Twin Turbo using the TR-6 and Holley/Pantera Smart Coils. I've been working on this stuff since the summer. Mostly, I have just been doing the mock-up stuff. I wanted to keep the car on the road...
  13. NY Twin Turbo

    Dashboard upper deck panel, (or whatever it's called)

    Mike, Why not make us some of these things!? Mine is cracked and so is everyone elses, I think. I wouldn't even care if it duplicated the original exactly. As long a it fit. Maybe even consider adding gauge pockets in them or something. I was going to make a flat replacement for my Buick...
  14. NY Twin Turbo

    Suspension adjustments for good launch

    I'm looking for advice on where I should start. I know testing and tuning is the only way to get it right. But still, there's got to be a good starting point. Sounds crazy, but after all these years, the car has never been launched hard and I never messed with the suspension's adjustability...
  15. NY Twin Turbo

    XFI O2 Correction and 2-Step

    After making numerous data logs, It seems obvious that the XFI automatically pauses O2 correction when it is rev limiting. Correct? If so, why can't I find any information about this in the help index? Is this just a simple "off" when rev limiting and "on" when not? Or is there any adjustable...
  16. NY Twin Turbo

    XFI, BB TR-6, etc.

    Some of you may have been reading the other thread on my little ignition module failure. No big deal. Life goes on. So, I have done a search and couldn't find a recent definitive answer. I haven't really decided on even wanting a COP set-up. But if I do, here's the question...... I currently...
  17. NY Twin Turbo

    Life with a Buick. Need an Ignition Module.

    So, let me tell you my story. First the good stuff........................................... I've had a lot of problems scheduling some fun time with the Twin Turbo lately. And I have had this annoying rear main leak that needed to be dealt with. I'm sick of climbing under the car to wipe it...
  18. NY Twin Turbo

    Lower Speedo Cable

    Need a new lower speedo cable ASAP. Just the lower. Under the car. I've gone to several parts stores and when they get them in it always turns out to be the wrong one. Idiots. Something generic? Just something, for Gods sake! Do I have to wait for this to come by mail from one of our...
  19. NY Twin Turbo


    My 400 is a few years old now and feels just as good as it always did. Not a single problem with it. It's a reverse pattern, manual with a trans-brake. But even when it was new, and even still today, it has a low volume but high pitched whistle when in low. It doesn't do it throughout the whole...
  20. NY Twin Turbo

    Coolant hoses sweating?

    Hey guys. After sitting all winter, I noticed today that my lower coolant hose was all extra greasy looking today. I put a little shine jiz on it when I detail the engine bay, of course. But I don't drench the thing. And I haven't touched the thing since November. So I rubbed my finger on it...