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    66 plymouth hemi

    just bought a hemi car, can anyone run a car fax?? or check for other owners, thanks ed
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    a/c compressor

    my a/c compressor will not come on?? tryed to jump, must be eletrical?? whats next??
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    wanted belt tensioner

    where to buy belt tensioner with bearing?? complete unit.
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    cold air filter

    need to replace my cold air filter, cant find one, summit didnt have it?? any one know where i get one, 12 long 6 1/4 wide 4inch to attach to pipe
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    1987 buick regal stage 2

    selling for a friend ,87 regal stage 2(on center) 4 bolt mains 3.625 stroker crank, je pistons full floating pins ,albert rods,6500long ma heads, lunati cam, 60-1 turbo, large front mount, buily 400 with a brake, air shifiter, 373 posi, frame off build, beautiful paint and interior...
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    3 or 4 inch single shot

    who sells either 3 inch or 4 inch single shot exhaust
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    g body bumper fillers

    thanks you so much, g body, bumper filler s are perfect fit, brian is the man, called to make sure they fit , ed zeliesko piittsbugh pa.
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    dump pipe cap

    when would i buy just the cap?? 3 inch
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    precision intercooler pipes

    any one
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    repair thdp puck

    i need my thdp , puck repaired, its frozed. will not move, any one replair or replace the puck, thanks ed
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    wanted t/a headers

    any one have a set of t/a headers and downpipe? 3 bolt
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    wanted 3inch downpipe/fro kenne bell headers

    i need a 3inch downpipe with internal wastgate, to clear kenne bell headers
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    console riser

    wanted. gray console riser with cup holders for a grand national.
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    crome alternator

    just asking where to get one??
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    upper door panel, drivers side

    wanted, upper door panel for grand national drivers side.
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    lock up

    how to get my lock up to a higher speed, it locks up at 25mph??
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    accumulator ball

    wanted, brake accumuator ball, new or tested good used.
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    car fax

    can any one run a car fax on a grand national? thanks ed
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    for sale, headers downpipe and crossover, all in great shape, no cracks, $200+ shipping
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    gn stock air cleaner

    for sale, perfect condition, 1987 stock air cleaner, $100