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  1. pmoore4321

    Stock stretched intercooler? Whatever it is, it's for sale - Houston

    Cleaning the garage out and found this. You can cut the old ice box off and it would be a perfectly good IC. Make offer....I'm near Memorial Park in Houston. Not shipping this thing.
  2. pmoore4321

    Fiberglass Bumper Fillers 4pc NIB

    Front and rear fiberglass bumper fillers. NIB $80 shipped
  3. pmoore4321

    Wheel Arch Molding Set - Black

    I caught the right-rear of the GN on the edge of my storage unit and damaged the molding. I ordered the set, but only used the RR. I'm including the original piece that is slightly damaged and could be repainted. $85 shipped
  4. pmoore4321

    Turbo Identification help

    Can someone please identify? I've never owned a stock turbo, so maybe that's what it is.
  5. pmoore4321

    Turbo Tweak chip and 42 lbs injector set

    $150 shipped...Paypal
  6. pmoore4321

    TA-49 Turbo....$425 shipped

    TA-49 turbo with no shaft play. This was on my car when I bought it. The car had 37k miles on it. Includes actuator and they inlet bell. $435 shipped. Paypal or bitcoin.
  7. pmoore4321

    Radiator Core Support

    Core Support complete with no rust. $50 local pickup in Houston
  8. pmoore4321

    Kirban Billet AFPR

    Kirban billet FPR....$60 shipped
  9. pmoore4321

    GN complete front fender assemblies

    I have a set of complete front fenders that are ready to bolt on and go. The paint is almost perfect and there are no dents. Local pickup only in Houston (Heights area). $250 each
  10. pmoore4321

    Comp Cams 5/16 Pushrods 7.950"

    NIB Comp Cams 5/16 Pushrods 7694-16....7.950"....$65 shipped with paypal or bitcoin
  11. pmoore4321

    Comp Cams Flat Tappet Lifters 869-12

    NIB Comp Cams Lifters 869-12 $35 shipped
  12. pmoore4321

    Comp Cams Timing Set 3226

    NIB Comp Cams timing set....$30 shipped...paypal or bitcoin
  13. pmoore4321

    Please identify these valve springs

    I found these new valve springs and don't know where they came from. I believe they possibly came off a new set of Champion irons, but I'm not sure why I would have changed them. They were in a Comp Cams box, but I don't think that's correct. Anyone have a clue?
  14. pmoore4321

    Like new TE60 turbo....$450 shipped

    I have a like new TE60 turbo with probably less than 100 miles on it. Absolutely no shaft play at all. Includes the HD actuator. $450 shipped and accepting Paypal only.
  15. pmoore4321

    Parting out 87 GN - Houston

    I have an entire GN parted and being stored in my warehouse. I'm keeping a few things, but send requests to I will not ship anything at this time. things Im keeping that i can think of: complete rearend front header panel steering box front sway bar belt tensioner...
  16. pmoore4321

    TR Hood in Houston or San Antonio area

    Looking for a TR hood in the Houston or San Antonio area. No rust or major dents. Thanks
  17. pmoore4321

    NIB Comp Cams 212/212 flat tappet

    Brand new, never opened Comp Cams 212/212 flat tappet....$115 shipped
  18. pmoore4321

    Twisted/Bent driveshaft...see video

    I noticed a vibration at 75mph+ after putting the street tires back on for Power Tour. Best viewed in 1080p Would a twisted/bent driveshaft also cause this?:
  19. pmoore4321

    Name this Intercooler

    Anyone know who made this style intercooler. It has a removable top.
  20. pmoore4321

    I'm done....they won't honor by turbo warranty!!!!

    "This is a video of the jet engine I built a long, long time ago. Apologies for the poor quality, it's dubbed from VHS(I said it was a long time ago...). It uses a Buick Grand National turbocharger with a Harley muffler as the combustion chamber housing. The initial spark is provided by a neon...