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    1987 Buick Grand National

    I have for sale my 1987 Buick Grand National. As some may remember from last summer I had a TA motor in this, that I sold the motor out of. The car is set up for that TA motor. It now has a stock motor that was freshly rebuilt. It has been run on the dyno only and from street where came off the...
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    TR6 Ignition, Scanmaster, AEM wideband

    I have several items for sale. I am now running a holley dominator on my car with smart coils and this stuff is no longer needed. TR6 ignition with coil, manual, cheap set of plug wires and the magnecor set. Both set works good, but I feel they would have been nicer if they were each longer...
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    sd2, 80lb injectors, wideband, powerlogger, modded ecm, scan master

    I have an sd2 chip that was originally setup with 160lb injectors, but can be user changed to whatever. $220+shipping i have a set of 80lb injectors flow matched from turbo tweak. Works on a stock un modded ecm. These have about 300 max miles on them. $220+shipping AEM inline wideband...
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    Spark Plug torque spec TA heads

    What is the recommended spark plug torque spec for a set of TA aluminum heads?
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    Excessive Knock

    I am seeing some excessive knock on a new build. It is happening at 0 boost or in vacuum. It seems to be worse when the car has run for a while. It also threw a code 43 previous to this day. I have my 12v, ground, and 9.xxv at the ecm wire for my ecs sensor. I removed a knock sensor light with...
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    FS: injectors, tranlator, MAF sensor , chip

    I have a set of 60lb flow matched injectors from turbotweak (injectors in plastic box in photos). $210 I have a set of Bosch 0 280 150 837 160lb injectors, brown tops. These need a modded ecm or aftermarket ecm (injectors are loose in photo) $160 Translator with 3.5" LS1 MAF sensor to be...
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    Precision Front Mount Intercooler pipe

    This is probabably a long shot, but I am looking for the Intercooler to tb pipe for a precision front mount Intercooler. Pm me what you have. Thanks.
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    Precision 6262

    I have a precision 6262 CEA turbo for sale. This is a journal bearing model with the s cover, .63 housing. I moved up to a bigger turbo, so I am selling this one. It is missing the back plate the hd actuator would be welded to. I am in the process of getting a replacement and would send...
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    Transmission pan gasket

    What's the best transmission pan gasket to use? I have a shallow aluminum sheet metal pan and the bolts keep working themselves loose. I seem to have a pretty good leak. There is fluid on the front of the pan and dust cover. It looks like the fluid is coming out of the dust cover hole.
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    Valve Spring Advice

    I recently came into possession of a comp cams 210/210 roller cam I which to put in my car. Serial # T 7162-10 Spec Card# 18469210 Part # 69-000-8 CAMSHAFT, BV69 SPECIAL HYD ROLLER Core C69-8A CAMSHAFT BLANK, BV69 BUICK EVEN FIRE DUC Grind # BV69 3324S /3324S...
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    Oil feed line

    I bought a braided oil feed line from g body parts to replace the stocker. The problem is I need a 1/4" inverted flare to 1/8" npt adaptor for down by the oil pressure sensor. I have been having a heck of a time finding one locally and none of the parts stores seem to have one and I am getting...
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    For Sale: TA49 Turbo

    I have a nice TA49 turbo for sale. It spooled fast on my car. I had a local shop look over the turbo and they said it was still nice and tight. It comes with both a near new HD actuator and a older stock actuator. $450 shipped in the lower 48 states.
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    Excessive Voltage

    I just cleaned up underneath the hood of my car with simple green and hosing it off with a garden hose. Upon start up, I had a few lights on: Oil pressure and volt light. My mechanical guage was reading good pressure so I unhooked the connector by the oil filter and let it air out. It came on...
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    Powermaster, MAF, Applied Technologies intake

    I have a few items that I have had laying around and would like to sell. I have a complete Powermaster that I took off of my 49k GN. The redlight would blink when you hit the brakes. Would make a nice core for someone. $110 shipped in the lower 48. I have an Applied Technologies...
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    High fuel pressure

    I just installed a new DW fuel pump and a new power master alternator. The alternator is set to about 14.6 volts. The problem I am having is I can't get the fuel pressure to less than 52. It doesn't move with the line on or off. Prior to this, the regulator was changing with the line on and off...
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    Tuning problems

    I am experiencing some issues tuning my car. I seem to seeing a little knock when the tires are spinning. I was running at 21lbs (file april13-2)and really didn't see any knock ( saw .5 while tires were spinning on 1 out of 6 runs). This was about all I could get out of the std actuator. I put...
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    Turbo Buick Performance

    I was looking to upgrade the transmission in my GN. I called Dave at Turbo Buick Performance and he was very helpful. He answered my questions and he was available via phone or email at pretty much any time of the day! So for someone like me who works nites; I didn't have any problem getting...
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    Boost Problems

    I am having some boost problems with my car. I can't get the boost to come down. The car has a turbo tweak chip, RJC boost controller, TA49 (Garret Housing) turbo, THDP, ATR exhaust. The puck in the down pipe moves freely. I installed the rjc controller per instructions. I have it about as...
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    Wastegate Actuator

    I have a TA49 turbo and I can't get my boost under 18lbs. I have the RJC boost controller and have it setup per instructions. I have it about as long as I dare go with about 2 threads left. Is my actuator a regular or an Hd. Thanks.
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    Too much boost/ PL Analysis

    I can't turn my boost down below 18psi. I have a TA49 turbo, THDP, TT6.1 chip, and I am using a RJC boost controller. I have the controller as long as it can be with only 2 turns left until it falls apart. I presume the adjustable wastegate actuator I have is a standard version (see pic) and it...