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    WTB- Material to recover my Visors or Replacement visors 86 GN

    My Visors are shot and need material to recover them. OR If you have a nice set of visors for a T-top car with pass side mirror. Thanks for your Help.
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    Does the 1999 6.0 need anything specific to hook up to a 4L80E?

    The 99 6.0 has the "long crank shaft" like the previous version SBC.
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    looking for a post about a OE sending unit with an extra feed line and wiring connections.

    The post was about modding an OE fuel sending unit with an extra line out and extra terminals for electrical connections. Thanks for your help.
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    1986 GN Digital Climate Control round 3. Blower motor issues

    Round One - Was done the "right way" expensive parts, spoke with gurus, and it was a total failure. Round Two - Was Ebay PWM supposedly rated at 30 amps worked great for a short period of time but also failed. Round Three - look at the picture and take a guess. I'll give you a hint...
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    Does a D5 torque converter bolt onto a 99 LQ4 ?

    Does a D5 torque converter bolt onto a 99 LQ4 with out modifications?
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    Has anyone repaired a Red's Volt Booster?

    My Brand new volt booster(Purchased a long time ago) does not work. I even un pluged the boost line and connected it to a hand pump and got the pressure up to 25psi and not nothing. Yes the car was running. any sugestions?
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    F/S NTK O2 sensor 24302

    Brand NEW (sealed box) O2 sensor #24302 LI, NY $115.00 plus shipping OBO
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    E85 + catch can = lots of water

    Anyone else have a catch can and running E85 have the same/similar results?
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    86 GN Digital to Mechanical HVAC what is needed for the conversion

    ON A 1986 GN Anyone convert from Digital climate control to mechanical controls? What needs to be replaced/swapped out? thanks.
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    WTB antenna plastic fender ring

    For 86-87 GN Plastic ring that sits beween the fender and chrome ring that tightends onto the antenna. Let me know how much Shipped to 11561
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    WTB - Horn Ring for Buick Any color

    PM me pictures and PP price shipped.
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    Good transaction- - czykats44

    I paid for the part and he sent it right and properly packaged. i would buy from him again thanks
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    Does a complete OE front GN bumper fit in the trunk of a GN?

    Does a complete OE front GN bumper fit in the trunk of a GN? I need to pick one up and would like to take the GN for the ride. I love driving this pos. Thanks
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    David Husek AKA Builds a badass 200-4R

    David is the "go to " guy when it comes to building a 200 4R. Shifts great never misses a beat. Don't waist your time at other transmission shops, i have personally been in Dave's shop when he has received "Freshly built" failed transmissions that other big name shops built. While at Dave's...
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    What is involed in converting from Digital climate control to manual?

    1986 GN with the Digital climate control (having issues see other thread) looking for info on converting to manual climate control. What needs to be replaced? What can i keep from the digital system that will work with the manual system? Details and pictures please. Thanks for your help
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    Need for 86 GN W/Electronic HVAC Blower Motor Control Module / Resistor

    Blower Motor Control Module / Resistor anyone have a part number? or a place where i can buy one?
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    Pacecarta/Paul is THE BEST. Don't waste your time at any other shop.

    He knows GNs inside and out. knows what works knows how to set them up he isn't afraid to tackle what ever stupid shit i can come up with. His work hours are pretty much around the clock -- no snowflake "thats too late to start any project" BS Don't show up without donuts or coffee. so far so...
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    which One muffler to quiet down the car i mean really quiet new camry quiet.

    I have a single 2.5 exhaust system and i NEED a single 2.5 in/out muffler that is SUPER QUIET i don't care for high flowing or not. Just NEED a quiet single muffler that fits in the traditional dual muffler location (under the back seat) Just to clear things i want to quiet down my car with ONE...
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    Missing person - my daughter's grandmother PLEASE share.

    This is my daughter's grandmother a genuinely good person a great grandmother. My daughter is devastated PLEASE PLEASE REPOST THANK YOU AGAIN. Or at least click Like so that your followers on Facebook can see this. Thanks...
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    WTB fresh L/U Torque converter restalled whatever ????

    Looking for just about anything from a re-stalled D-5 to whatever you got. It's going into a BRAND NEW FRESHLY BUILT transmission. the converter MUST be UNUSED after serviced or cheap enough for me to have serviced and still be a good deal. Not looking to spend a lot but don't be shy let me know...