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    Tr6 2step and power enrichment issue on sd2

    Wondering if there is anything I can do to keep from going into PE while on the 2step. Got it set for 3000 rpm. If I go on the 2step and load it up, I need to keep the throttle so it's just past the point where rpm is limited. If I go any further with the pedal, it starts popping( almost like...
  2. missin' 2

    Right clicking on powerlogger sd2 charts.

    Been out of the powerlogger game for a while. What does the right click feature do on the ve spark and afr charts? This is new to me. Thanks
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    200r4 tranny help.

    My dads gn just lost 2nd gear. You need to get the rpm up to around 4000 then it will shift but if finds its way to 3rd and skips 2nd. What am I looking for to verify and what will fix it. Thanks. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Gn emblems.

    Anybody know where to get some gn fender and a trunk emblem? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Need help identifying some parts

    I just bought a gn that had blown head gaskets. We took it down and repaired the gaskets and went through the rest of it. Need some help identifying what brand some of these are. Intercooler says xs speed both ports are on the sides. This thing worth a dang? Injectors? 60 or 80...
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    Kenne bell fuel pressure regulator question

    I have an older anodized blue regulator and it is missing the hose barb or nipple. Anyone know where to find 1 or what threads are in the top cap?
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    Fuel pressur regulator question

    I just got a used adjustable billet regulator. I took it apart to check it over before i installed it. Question is does this hole on the bottom restrict at all. I have 8 an feed and 6 an return. Has anyone drilled it out at all. As of now i don't have any flow/pressure issue.
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    Bailey 2 Step

    For sale is a bailey 2 step. I'll take $180 plus shipping and paypal fees. This thing works awesome for staging. I was able to hold 15 psi on the line with manual brakes.
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    Factory vacuum block and FPR vacuum tube

    These are oem parts. Don't want to throw them away if somebody needs them. $5 plus shipping.
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    SD2 Issue

    I have been having this issue for a while now, just haven't had the time to get to it. I am running the flex fuel option with the latest plc and interface version. the issue is....if I have the key on engine off the pl will connect and stay connected and work fine. if I start the car and...
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    Fuel system upgrade question.

    I'm running 8an feed and 6an return. To stock fuel rail and stock fuel pressure regulator converted to adjustable. I'm looking for the fittings for the fuel rail. I know accel 74730 fittings are a high flow but that number is listed as two 6an fittings on Summit I need 6 and 8. Anybody...
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    fuel supply question.

    Im in the process of redoing my fuel system. I am doing 8an feed and 6an return. the fuel pump is an external holley double pumper. Question is what psi to turn the second pump on at. should I just use an adjustable pressure switch so I can change the turn on point or just get a set psi hobbs...
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    Ecm driver mod?

    Where or who does the driver mod for the low impedance injectors.? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Turbo and injector/chip combo

    <<<SOLD>>>This is a feeler sale. The turbo and injectors are still on the car. Looking to see what kind of interest there is in these parts before I take them off. SOLD...Turbo is a te60. Around 5000 miles. About 40 passes on it. No damage. Waste gate hole is ported to match rjc big puck...
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    F/S Hand held E.T predictor weather station.

    $350 W /carry case This is an Altronics PerformAIRE air quality computer. I bought this weater station about 4 years ago for $450 brand new. It was accurate to. 007 for me. I am upgrading to a trailer mounted weather station to use with Crew Chief Pro prediction software. This computer...
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    MAF and Translator for sale.

    Price Reduced! 3.5 maf - $100 Translator- $180 Also have a stock converter- $50 Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Sad photo....

    I saw this on gm high tech performance. Im sure somebody knows about this or is a member here. Look in the back ground. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Tuning for different seasons.

    Hey all, I know this has been covered before but I'm looking for somewhat of a method for the madness when trying to tune for cold temps 40°s vs hot summer temps 90°. What is your preferred method? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    How do I fix my timing issue...

    I'm running the tt sd2 chip right now and there is a perameter in the chip to put the ecm into diagnostic mode (locks timing at 15°. I set the timing light to 15° and the line on the balancer is lined up with the 4° mark in the timing cover. How do I get this to zero out? Posted from the...
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    87chrisss...A+++from me.

    Reasonable prices fast shipping and properly packaged product. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app