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  1. TexasT

    What happened to the avatars?

    Seems I'm not the only one who lost their avatar. I went ahead and loaded up another one.
  2. TexasT

    Wasn't sure where to post this.

    As some who are following along know, my og we4 took a hit. I have several leads on parts and such to repair it, and thanks to everyone who has helped. I have another iron in the fire as it were. Let's say you came across a semi low miles car that someone took apart. Said vehicle is sitting on...
  3. TexasT

    Ran into some bad luck and need a frame.

    Well after over thirty yrs of ownership(bought it new and have enjoyed driving it very much), a lady ran into the back of it on the way to work last monday. It will be repaired, and I'm waiting on the lady's insurance to come out and adjust on it. Gonna need a frame, pass quarter and some...
  4. TexasT

    Cool Tee Shirt

    Anyone know where I can get a tee shirt like this? I looked at the teespring but didn't see it. Not sure where I saved the pic from. Thanks I found this one. Pretty similar.
  5. TexasT

    Rescedule of the TnT event

    Looks like Ken W has a tentative date of August 10 as a reschedule date at Xtreme Raceway in Ferris,Tx Looks like it will be a multimake event with Cadillac. Ken said the Cadillac guy thought they could have fifty cars so I hope is Buick guys can as well.
  6. TexasT

    GtG June 15 Arlington

    Humperdink's BrewPub 700 Six Flags Dr ARLINGTON near six flags, i30 and hwy 360 Ken White suggested this location as it is pretty centrally located. Anyone else interested? Not sure on the time. I'll see what I can find out.
  7. TexasT

    Fuddruckers Grapevine March 23 4pm

    it has been announced there will be a gathering this Saturday march 23rd in grapevine at the Fuddruckers at four pm. Hope to see everyone there. More info on the DFW turbobuick page on fb.
  8. TexasT

    a question about the input shaft

    My friend in Germany is overhauling his 2004r and asked about this piece #505 I don't remember pulling this piece out or putting one in. Thanks for any help.
  9. TexasT

    All Buick/Buick powered and Cadillac event August 10th 2019 Xtreme Raceway

    We are in the preliminary stages of putting together a Buick event at the new track south of Dallas on i45 in Ferris Tx. It is an eighth mile venue. Very nice. Ken White is going to contact the track and see about a date. Will post updates as things get...
  10. TexasT

    Control is the operative word

    Sixty-two percent (62%) of Americans say that in crimes involving use of a gun, the shooter is more to blame than the availability of guns in America. But 31% disagree, saying the availability of guns is more to blame. So, let’s go and look at that statement in bold type for a moment...
  11. TexasT

    Logging Coolant Pressure?

    Anyone logging the coolant pressure? If so, where did you install the sensor in the block/head/intake? Thanx.
  12. TexasT

    Oct29 2017 TMCCC at Ennis anyone else coming out. Stan Davis said he would bring his limited out Steve Allen said he would bring a car but wasn't sure which one. should be good turbo weather but in Texas nothing is for sure.
  13. TexasT

    UTI Block Party April 22, 2017

    There was a wild turn out. It was one of the largest gatherings of Turbo Regals short of Bowling Green or one of the Texas Buick Nationals. Is it possible to surpass the last year turn out. Only time will tell. Be great to see any and all, so come on out .
  14. TexasT

    Temple/little river possibility Looks like we might get a gtg organized for little river dragway. Anyone interested?
  15. TexasT

    texas muscle car club challenge

    Anyone planning to attend? Thinking I might take a day off work and head out to watch.
  16. TexasT

    furniture mart Anyone going to this? Might try to make it out there. Looks big in the pix.
  17. TexasT

    ac lines

    So, I'm looking to get the ac on my car up and functioning again. I'm getting old and the wife wont go fer a ride as it is "too hot". So I pull a vacuum and it doesn't hold to I'm thinking if I pull it apart, I need to put new hoses/lines on as the originals are going on 30 years old. I...
  18. TexasT

    House of HotRods mansfield

    Who was down at house of hot rods today? Anyone on here?
  19. TexasT

    Stolen!!! Keep an eye out please

    Well, a good imaginary interwebz friend of mine had his rig loaded up to go to the races this am. When he came out to leave the whole setup was gone! Truck - 2004 Silverado 2500 Crew Cab Z71 Car - 1987 Buick Grand National open trailer Stolen in Canada He would like to ask everyone to keep...
  20. TexasT

    Anyone used this brand?

    Exedy fdf frictions as seen in this kit. I know it is for a 4l60E as that is my next project. I am looking to "strengthen" the 3-4 clutch pack and...