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  1. turbo nasty

    Looking for 86 or 87 GN

    Looking for 86 or 87 GN Hardtop (no astroroofs) with low to medium miles, NO rust or repaired rust, clean title, good interior, clean history, good paint, no wrecks, good drivetrain or super clean roller. LMK Thanks
  2. turbo nasty

    HOLIDAY DEAL - Cam Sensor Strengthening/Balancing and rebuild kits

    HOLIDAY DEAL - Cam Sensor Strengthening/Balancing and rebuild kits. Basic or Pro kits available. PM to order Basic kit 40-strengthens weak areas as well as balances the cam sensor assembly and include a new roll pin (See pic). Pro kit 60 - Includes basic kit plus the extra items (see pic) to...
  3. turbo nasty

    Jonson Lifters Install info

    JOHNSON LIFTERS INFO IS PER JOE LEWIS AT JOHNSON Clean- Blow off with compressed air to remove cardboard pieces from packing. Oil soak- No need to soak in oil prior to use as they come from factory pumped up. After cleaning, place a couple of drops of (30 wt. or close) oil on bearings of...
  4. turbo nasty

    Check your fuel rail mounted gauges

    Working on a GN with fuel delivery and risen rate issues. Found the most random piece inside fuel psi regulator......a piece from inside the fuel psi gauge! Thankfully it didn't fall down and block flow to the number 1 injector. Piece removed and all is good. My thoughts are the gauge is on the...
  5. turbo nasty

    PTC 9.5 non lock 18 blade Convertor

    PTC 9.5 non lock up with heavy duty sprag for 2004r. 18 blade spools my 6466 with no issue and really couples hard on top end, perfect street manners. Has about 2 k miles on it . Selling it because im going with a 4l80. Paid 1000 for it. Asking 800 plus the ride. Located in St Paul, MN
  6. turbo nasty

    Please keep Nick Micale in your thoughts and prayers

    Everyone please keep @Nick Micale in your thoughts and prayers. He is having some health issues and under going some surgery. Nick heres to a successful procedure and full recovery!!
  7. turbo nasty

    NEW PRODUCT- Cam Sensor Balancer Kit from Richard Clark and Turbo Nasty

    NEW PRODUCT- Cam Sensor Balancer Kit from Richard Clark/@A2000RICH and Turbo Nasty. The old thread was lost when site crashed a few weeks back. And final few tweaks were waiting until after the nats This product will balance the cam sensor and I will have rebuild kits available for the...
  8. turbo nasty

    GNX Book for #303

    Ive had GNX # 303 book for several years and would like to get the book back with the car (not giving it away). If anyone has a lead thanks.
  9. turbo nasty

    Code 37 on the TR6

    Gotta a code 37 from the TR6 on a friends GN. Contacted Bob and he states its a Noise code (he left that code out of the manual). We are going to check plugs and wires, etc. Curious if any one else has had this issue?
  10. turbo nasty

    Curious on stage 2 oiling rear galley to galley

    Why not just run a line from galley to galley in rear of block vs relying on the transfer groove (in block, back of bearing or front cam journal) to get oil to drivers side galley. Ive seen a few done and they work with out issue just curious why more arent done that way. Would seem it would...
  11. turbo nasty

    2013 Yamaha FJR w/ 6761 miles

    2013 Yamaha FJR w/ 6761 miles. Bought new, EXC cond, Yamaha extended warranty until 8/25/18, serviced with Yamaha filter/lube, needs a front tire (worn from mileage). Has sharkskin cushions on grips and new front fender flap yet to be installed. Asking 9200 OBO . Located in ST Paul, MN...
  12. turbo nasty

    Radio bezel and dash insert for 86/87 GN

    Looking for VG/EXC cond radio/AC bezel and dash insert with the grand national badge in it thats the Black/gray style. LMK Thanks
  13. turbo nasty

    FOUND.....WTB mid ten or better Solid Roof 87 GN

    Looking for a built SOLID ROOF (no Astro or T Tops) 87 GN (no t's) with good paint, street or strip with mid ten/high 9 sec power for a customer. Needs to be able to do street light highway trips duty with no issues as well as hit the track. Prefer built turnkey with all the good stuff. Wants...
  14. turbo nasty

    Reid Bellhousing super hydra 400 item# BH030

    Wanted .... Whatcha got?
  15. turbo nasty

    Spoke with a old Buick on a 24 valve overhead cam v6

    Thought it was too cool not to share! Just had the chance to talk with Timbo Whalen and former/ret engineer at GM/Buick and found out that they played around with a overhead cam 24 valve Buick V6. And have a couple of pics. He said the block was a modified variant of a stage 2. Here some of his...
  16. turbo nasty

    WTB Stage 2 Single turbo headers

    Looking for some single turbo Stage 2 headers. What ya got? Thanks
  17. turbo nasty

    WTB Single turbo Stage 2 headers

    Looking for some single turbo Stage 2 headers. What ya got? Thanks
  18. turbo nasty

    WTB single turbo Stage 2 headers

    Looking for some single turbo Stage 2 headers. What ya got? Thanks
  19. turbo nasty

    PST 3.5" Alum Driveshaft w/1350's for 2004r/27 spline yoke

    Has about 1000 miles on it and its in Exc Condition! It is 50" center u joint cup to u joint cup so you will need to measure your setup...stock setup is a lil short. I paid over 550 for it and will sell for 400 plus shipping. Im going a different route. Located in ST Paul, MN. PAY Pal Gift...
  20. turbo nasty

    BG NATS next month!! Whos going?

    @garyk1970 and my self will be attending Wed through Sat. Who else will be there? I wasnt able to attend any Buick event last year and that caused serious withdrawal symptoms!! Im really looking forward to it this year!!