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    Last chance before parts get scrapped

    I sold my car a couple months ago and its time for all the leftover parts to go. Last chance to get these parts before they go in a dumpster. I really want the parts to get used and not scrapped so I'm willing to work on price just to clear up some space. I'm asking $1500 obo for all of it...
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    Tons of leftover parts, Stock and aftermarket, all of it needs to go!!

    I sold my car a couple months ago and its time for all the leftover parts to go. I'm looking to package deal everything I have for a week or two and if it doesn't all go by then I will break everything up and sell individual parts. All prices are plus shipping and if you buy something for asking...
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    T-Top interior plastics

    I'm looking for the plastic trim pieces that go underneath the sun visor and also the piece that attachs to the T-top around the handle and lock.
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    Restored/Built 87 Grand National, fresh paint with tons of extra parts

    I am looking to sell my 1987 Grand National that just underwent a complete frame off restoration. This is not a numbers matching all original build. This is a car that was built to drive to the track, make passes all day, and then go to a car show that night with no second thoughts about it. The...
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    Looking for a GN hood in/around Philly

    Getting my car painted and my body guy doesn't like my hood so looking to see if anybody has one or knows of one around the Philly area. Willing to travel for a good one. Thanks in advanced.
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    1987 Gn Grill

    Like the title says looking to see if anybody has a grill in good shape before I buy new.
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    Contacting Bob Bailey - 2 step/rev limiter questions

    I was wondering if anybody had a phone number or email address to contact him or someone else that can help me try to figure out what's going on. I bought his 2 Step/Rev limiter setup and wired it up this weekend. The problem is with the motor running I get no LEDs lighting up inside the box...
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    Trans dipstick - Plastic handle

    I'm looking for a trans dipstick for an 87. Didn't know their was more then one option but the last one I got was metal and 10" short...Let me know what you got and send me a picture as well. The one I need is 30" from tip to the seal at the handle.
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    T-Top center rail

    I'm looking for a nice T-top center rail (paint condition doesn't matter). Its the piece that mounts to the roof and the t-tops slide into it. Let me know what you have.
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    Dash wiring questions

    Does anybody have a picture of the wiring harness that goes from the boost/tach gauge in the cluster to the main dash wiring harness. The guy I bought the dash from so kindly cut the plug off but more of an issue is the wire colors don't match the existing harness or any wiring diagram I can...
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    Gauge cluster and trans dipstick

    I'm looking for a gauge cluster and trans dipstick for an 87 GN. Don't need the tube but understand if you don't wanna split them up. Let me know what you have and shipping to 19090.
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    Pretty Much bolt in Complete Fuel System-Need gone

    I am changing directions with my car and no longer need a fuel system this big. This set up was run for less than a season. To piece this system together would cost over $1200, I’m asking $775.00 OBO plus shipping. All fittings and lines are AN-10 from the fuel cell, pre-filter, fuel pump, post...
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    Looking for an 86/87 white roller t-type with t-tops

    I've been building my 87 GN and it went from a motor swap to a frame off restoration and now I am at the point of painting the car and I hate doing bodywork. So I've been thinking about looking for a roller with good/excellent paint and no rust to swap all of my parts over to. Really want T-tops...
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    Broken cut out

    I'm looking for an exhaust cut out that has a bad motor or something but I need all the pieces except the motor. I want to make a custom boost referenced set-up and dont want to pay $600 for it. Let me know what you have
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    My new toy...I mean my girlfriends new toy

    My girlfriend has to drive into Philly everyday for grad school and with her jeep getting an generous 12 mpg we decided that we needed to do something. So for her birthday I got her a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4. Now we got it very cheap number 1 because its a neon, and number two its wrecked. Now I...
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    External wastegate size?

    I bought a downpipe from a member on here a while ago and have a question. Its obviously set up for an external wastegate and my question is this, I'm pretty sure its a 44mm gate but being pretty sure isnt good enough to spend close to $400...What can I measure or check make sure I'm buying the...
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    Exhaust cutouts... working, broke, electric or not

    Im looking for cutouts to make boost activated cutouts for my car. Dont want a switch and I want the car to scream under boost. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks
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    Need money to spend money on my car, sound familiar...

    Need to get rid of these parts so I can spend even more money on my car. All prices are just a guess, make me a decent offer and its yours. I ship everything and do have paypal. Ignore the white layer on everything in the pictures, thats just dust. ITS NOT LETTING ME POST PICTURES SO COMMENT...
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    What do I need to do

    My other car is starting to die and Ive been kicking around the idea of dropping an LS into it. Its a front wheel drive 6 cylinder so Im going to just add a four link with either a 9 in or a 12 bolt. Anyway I have been doing dome preliminary measurements and an LS1 will "just" fit as in Im going...
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    Mustang enthusiast, step in

    I have a question for you, what is a good forum for clasic mustangs. My oldest brother is a cop and while responding to a domestic dispute (turned out to be nothing) he started talking to the husband and found out its an ugly divorce, yada yada yada, he's selling stuff. My brother happend to see...