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    AEM wideband and sensor

    Used for less than 3,000 miles. $100 shipped
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    Modded ECM

    Modded stock ECM, $200 shipped
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    Turbotweak SD2 chip

    Turbotweak SD2 chip, $200 shipped
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    TR6 ignition system

    For sale: TR6 ignition system, includes late model V6 truck coil, spark plug wires, Cruz aluminum ignition bracket and remote bracket, harness extension . Used for less than 200 miles, $600 shipped.
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    TurboTweak SD2 chip 120# injectors

    For sales: TurboTweak SD2 chip for 120# injectors. $225 obo shipped.
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    For sale: Powerlogger, includes analog block and cable and USB cable, $175 shipped.
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    Hood latch cable replacement, firewall location

    I am replacing my hood latch cable assembly. The original pull broke from the cable and a friend removed the cable from the firewall. Having trouble locating the firewall location. Anyone have a picture or diagram with firewall location. Thanks in advance.
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    Turbonetics 6465 Billet F1 turbo

    Turbonetics 64mm compressor, 65mm exhaust, p-trim, ball bearing. Original owner, less than 4000 miles, exhaust housing ceramic coated, no actuator, wastegate hole has been ported for external DP. $850 shipped
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    New Racetronix dual fuel pump and fuel lines

    Brand new, fuel lines for stock rails, E85 compatible teflon line kit with -8 feed & -6 return. Brand new Racetronix dual in tank pump double pumper 680LPH with AN fittings for analog dash. Boxes have not been opened from reputable TB vendor, open box pictures available upon serious interest...
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    Accufab AFPR

    Works fine. $85 shipped
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    Caspers TR6 extension harness Brand new

    This part is used to mount the TR6 box on the drivers fender. Usually where the windshield washer bottle is. Pics to follow. $60 shipped.
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    AEM wideband

    Complete set up was purchased new. 500 miles on it only 93 octane ran through it. Have bung too. $110 shipped.
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    60lb Deka Injectors

    5K miles. Can be used with stock ECM. Perfect condition. Same injectors as the vendors sell. Still on the car. But can send pics on the car or when they are taken off. $200 shipped
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    55lb injectors

    Siemens Deka 3102 55lb low impedance injectors. Need modified ECM to run these $60 shipped. Will post pics.
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    Taylor Pro 409 Wires Like new

    Very clean wires. $55 shipped
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    Ceramic coated turbo heat shield bracket

    Ceramic coated turbo heat shield bracket, excellent condition. $65 shipped
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    DSE front springs and shocks

    For sale, original owner DSE front springs and shocks. Installed fall of 2012 and have less than 1000 miles on them. $250 shipped.
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    Turbo Tweak SD1 chip 50lb inj

    Runs without the Mass Air Sensor Set up for Alky. Fully adjustable. Need Powerlogger to use. $70 shipped.
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    TR Custom Parts Turbo heat shield Brand New

    I bought this brand new wont fit with my External Wastegate. Dont want to hack it up. $130 shipped/offer. New is $150 plus shipping.
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    Turbo Tweak SD1 chip for 60s and Alky

    $90 shipped. Needs a PowerLogger to run. One of the best chips on the market.