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    Wanted 18x9 GNX wheels

    Good luck. Personally I would go 19s I went that route and don’t regret it 1 bit. Makes your car stand out more everyone has 18s. Had a shop local to me narrow the fronts to 8.5’’ only cost a few hundred bucks
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    Misc Parts

    Ill take the TR6 harness.
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    Intercooler shroud needed

    Im looking for a good condition stock intercooler shroud, let me know if you have 1 and how much shipped to 48111. Thanks
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    Need ONE Air Lift Bag..........

    Says the file is too large for the server to process so pics didn’t load. Message me your number and I can text pics.
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    Need ONE Air Lift Bag..........

    Not sure of the brand but this one still held air when I pulled it out the other year. It’s yours if you want just cover shipping through UPS
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    Resurfacing oil filter adapter ?

    I have a old mirror I’m going to use just need to know what grits of sandpaper to use.
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    Resurfacing oil filter adapter ?

    What all grits of sandpaper do you guys use when resurfacing the oil filter adapter ?
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    Brake lines wanted

    More than I need but that will work. Hoping to just find a set off a parts car.
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    Brake lines wanted

    I did.
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    Brake lines wanted

    I’m looking for the brake lines that run from the master cylinder down to the proportioning valve for a vacuum brake car.
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    Timing cover identification

    Thanks for the replies, the seal went in correctly from the back side of the cover. The aftermarket cover has the seal press in from the front. Thanks for the clarification!
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    Timing cover identification

    What is this timing cover off of ? The one with the water pump on it came off my 87 109 block and the 1 without the water pump also came off a 86/87 109 block but the opening where the rubber crank seal goes it too small to accept the new seal. What do I have going on here ?
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    New set of flow matched 120’s

    I knew something like this would pop up right after I bought a brand new set of 80s
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    Would anyone happen to know who makes these?

    Looks like the Holley dash but i have never seen them with that layout.
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    Valve spring tool rental needed

    Think I have 1 lined up from another member but thanks for the offer.
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    Engine builder named Bill in Metro Detroit ?

    I know I’m not working with much info here but does anyone know of a engine builder named Bill in the metro Detroit area ?
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    Valve spring tool rental needed

    Looking to rent a valve spring removal tool, i will pay shipping both ways plus toss in a rental fee. Will pay tool cost in full up front if preferred and you can send me the balance back after you receive the part back. Looking for the tool that works with the heads on the car. Thanks
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    Turbo wanted

    Found 1 thanks