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    Cam plug in ta block

    i use blue loctite
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    Champion off center intake

    Sent you a PM Chris
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    3 inch dual exhaust

    Exhaust is sold. Thanks
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    Driveshaft install

    I have had stock trans yoke twist the splines a few times. You can usually look inside and see the twist.
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    3 inch dual exhaust

    3 inch polished stainless dual exhaust with test pipe. Not sure of brand. $550.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green
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    Hogan sheet metal off center intake

    New Hogan sheetmetal intake for off center production style heads. Intake is new never used. Was $4500.00 new. $3000.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green.
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    Champion off center intake

    New Champion off center intake with fuel rails. $950.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green if not sold before then.
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    Intake Manifold

    i have a new Champion off center with fuel rails if you are interested.
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    VintageAir G-Body Kit

    Definenatly do it while the interior is out.
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    VintageAir G-Body Kit

    I have installed one but don't have the hoses and stuff done under the hood yet or the car up and running. It is a very well thought out somewhat complicated kit to install. It does clean up under the hood alot. The whole dash has to come out for the install.
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    Fueltech on stock ignition?

    I should say Holley will do wastespark with the Holley coils but i don't know about stock coil pack and module.
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    Fueltech on stock ignition?

    Don't know about Fueltech but Holley Dominator does do waste spark.
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    Heavy white smoke on rebuilt motor upon startup

    What was the reason for the top end rebuilt in the first place? Blown head gasket? If so it may have hurt a ring or two. Could also have gotten coolant and oil in the exhaust system which will take some time to burn out.
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    How Strong Is The 8.5 With 30 Spline Axles

    I started killing ring and pinions at 9.30's and 1.30 60 foot times at 3600 lbs with transbrake. It twisted the axles at the splines after about 5 years of it. Would knock a tooth or two off the ring gear every year and actually bent the axle tubes several times. If you are going to beat the...
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    Please keep Nick Micale in your thoughts and prayers

    Get well soon Nick. Someday i'd like to come to Arizona to visit you.
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    ArizonaGN; “Bad news travels faster than good news”

    Nick is one of the greatest vendors and source of knowledge in Buick land.
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    Wiper bracket needed

    i think you can buy those in the help section at the local parts stores.
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    Vintage Air

    Nick's kit is very nice. Lots of custom work went into the kit.
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    Individual Cylinder Monitoring

    I regularly check plugs after every few passes unless i make timing and fueling changes then it's after every run for awhile. I kill the engine after then finish line to check plugs.