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    Life & Death of GN1987

    After 16 years it happened; I lost the GN in a fire. Wife's SUV, garage, spare parts & tools all toast also. No one was hurt and the insurance company (American Family) has been very helpful. Make sure you are covered, you never know... Thanks to all here for the help and support all these...
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    Parts For Sale @ Norwalk BRD Sunday

    Sunday! Sunday!! SUNDAY!!! Bringing some parts to the track Sunday for Buick Race Day. Losing my storage so they will be priced to sell , not to come back home. GN Dash GN Front Bumper Chrome Rear Bumper `86 GN Grille T-Tops Grey Sun Visors, Pair Aluminum Front Bumper Support Maroon Center...
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    World's Best Type F? Anyone using this in TH400 's ? TH350 's ? Thoughts? Impressions?
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    Whoever gave up this plate #...THANKS!

    I've been wanting this plate since I bought the GN in `99. Big thanks for making it available! :)
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    It's On Today! Free GM/UAW Park 'n Shine at Toledo!

    Today! 25th Annual UAW/GM Powertrain Park 'n Shine car show Free Free Free to all All makes welcome Show participants admitted from 9:00 am Public gates open at noon Oscar Bunch UAW/GM Powertrain Park 5444 Jackman Road Toledo, Ohio 43613 Beautiful skies, cool weather this morning, very...
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    WTB GN Leather

    Tax time is coming fast so the search is on. Looking for black & grey GN leather interior. Seats and door panels. Seat covers or complete seats. New or used. PM or email, Thanks! Jimmy Johnson
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    New Devilbiss spray gun @ Craigslist $100.00

    Saw this new ad in Northwest Ohio Craig's list today, not mine but looks like a smoking deal... new Devilbiss jga paint gun kit - $100 (cygnet ) (Ohio) new Devilbiss jga paint gun kit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    `87 Olds Delta 88 FWD computer...Will it work?

    I have a ECM available for cheap: 1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8 v6 FWD with port fuel injection, GM service# 1227783 . Will it replace our # 1227148 with the proper chip and calpack? I want a spare for my `87 GN. TIA - Jimmy
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    Head gaskets $21.95!

    Mr. Gasket Head Gasket, Steel Shim SC HD/GSKT-BUICK V6
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    2011 NORWALK pics

    Buick Race Day 2011 Facebook
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    Kirban alternator cover

    Anyone have a pic of this cover installed? Dennis' description says he's showing it on a car also but the page only shows the cover. 1986 1987 Buick Regal Grand National Turbo T T-Type GNX ALTERNATOR POLISHED STAINLESS COVER #7026 TIA - Jimmy.
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    Truth in advertising.

    I'd trust this seller! 1995 Buick Regal 3.8L, Black (AS IS)
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    Underdrive pulley w/belt

    Aluminum underdrive crank pulley includes IC fan mount and correct belt for all accessories including A/C & P/S. $45.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail to CONUS. Paypal ok no extra fees. (Stock pulley shown for size comparison, not included) Thanks for looking - Jimmy.
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    WTB: Translator or Trans Plus & 3" MAF

    Paypal ready. I prefer a Translator but will consider a Trans Plus. Also need GM MAF. Extension cables a bonus for Samurai install. Thanks, Jimmy Johnson
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    Homemade Tools for your TR's - Let's see them

    Great to see all the homemade oil priming tools, mine is from an old SBC points distributor also. What other tools have you fabbed up for your TR in a time of need or just for the fun of it? Here's today's project: wastegate actuator adjusting tool. * 1/4" or 7mm open end wrench * 1" or...
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    LT-4 Starter Upgrade - TR’s & TTA’s.

    This is a how-to article I posted on the "other" board in 2004. That new LT-4 starter is still going strong 6 years later. LT-4 Corvette Starter Upgrade for `86 -`87 TR’s and `89 TTA’s. Original equipment starter on `88 - `96 Corvettes with VIN codes P, 5 & 8. Produced for GM by...
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    THS Underdrive Pulley w/belt

    Aluminum underdrive crank pulley includes IC fan mount and correct belt for all accessories including A/C & P/S. Perfect for THS racing! :cool: $60.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail to CONUS. Paypal ok no extra fees. (Stock pulley shown for comparison, not included) Thanks...
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    Adjustable Wastegate Actuator

    Lightly used standard adjustable wastegate actuator for stock and TA turbos. I went to a TE-44 turbo and actuator to go THS racing. :D $50.00 shipped US Priority Mail to CONUS, no Paypal fees. Paypal:
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    36# Bluetops / TurboTweak Package

    6 genuine Ford 36 lb. blue top injectors with matching TT v5.6 93 octane / alky chip: TurboTweak #2466 / 36# / Alcohol / 23/21 deg / 23-25 psi. Pulled and ready to go from my summer driver `87 GN. @ 5k miles on the blues and about 2k on the Eric Marshal TT. $150.00 shipped USPS Priority...