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    3 inch dual exhaust

    3 inch polished stainless dual exhaust with test pipe. Not sure of brand. $550.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green
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    Hogan sheet metal off center intake

    New Hogan sheetmetal intake for off center production style heads. Intake is new never used. Was $4500.00 new. $3000.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green.
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    Champion off center intake

    New Champion off center intake with fuel rails. $950.00 cash. Can bring to Bowling Green if not sold before then.
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    Boost controller, alternator bracket, hood shocks, stage II heads

    Champion billet alternator bracket for p.s without a/c comes with 1 used and 2 new belts for stock size crank pulley. Afew nicks in the bracket. $200.00 shipped Kirbans hood shocks for fiberglass hood new never used. $40.00 shipped Innovative electronic boost controller with custom overlay...
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    radiator, oil pan, oil accumulator

    Alradco aluminum radiator with one oil cooler. Bought new used last year going to smaller radiator to get weight out of nose of car. Oil cooler in the radiator has never been used. Kept my GN at 160 with stage II engine and large front mount. $300.00 + shipping. 20 bolt oil pan with external...
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    Eticket excellant seller

    Bought electric water pump from John. Arrived quickly and just as described. Thanks John.
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    Core support weight

    Anybody know what a stock steel core support weighs?
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    Fiberglass hood wanted

    Looking for nice hood. Preferabley one from Hartline. Anybody close to Dayton , Ohio or taking one to Bowling Green?
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    1986 GN with TA motor

    I'm trying to help sell the car for the widow of Larry Gable. Larry died unexpectedly in January. He was a good friend of mine. I will try to answer all the questions i can on this car. The car is in western New York.This is a very nice clean, fast street car. She was Larry's pride and joy. Dyno...
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    GT47-88, slicks,oil pan,head studs

    New Precision Turbo Gt47-88 t4 flange,jornal bearing,billet wheel,.96ar exhaust. Bought new last year never installed or used $2300.00 shipped. Stock 20 bolt oil pan with -12 external pickup and 1/8" npt bung for oil temp sensor $150.00 shipped 14 bolt aluminum oil pan setup for...
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    Precision cam BV6-210

    Anybody have a cam card of this cam i could get a copy of or anybody know the specs for it? It also has T-3148 engraved on the back of it. Thanks for any help.
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    intake,slicks,pushrods,head studs

    All parts are used except the tires. I can take paypal as long as it's not from a credit card, or a money order. Prices include shipping except for the tires. Pushrods 12 5/16 x 8.900" .080" wall Racing Engine Valve brand 80.00 12 5/16 X 9.250"...
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    Tsm parts

    #1 35 spline Detroit Locker for 9 inch ford rear. Used 6 runs. Includes carrier bearings and races. $400.00 shipped #2 2 Weld Drag lites 15 x 10 5.5" backspacing. Holes drilled for rim screws. $300.00 + shipping. Prefer...
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    chikn305 A+

    Steve Kosor aka CHIKN305 Great buyer. Quick payment, no BS. Highly recomended. Thanks again
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    70HPQ turbo

    Precision 70HPQ non-ball bearing, .85 exhaust housing. has about 80 runs on it, good condition. Bought new in 2008. I ran 9.28 and 150mph on a stock block with it. $1000.00 shipped. 4" inlet 3 " outlet
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    Dave Fiscus 7.97

    Congrats to Dave on his first 7 second pass. 7.97 at 178mph
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    metco cell with double pumper and 35 spline locker

    Spare tire well Metco fuel cell with homemade double pumper. Factory sending unit with ATR style coupler tying the pumps together. 2 Walbro 340 pumps about 3 years old. Sending unit is setup with -8 feed and -6 return fittings. Cell is currently still in the car. Going to external pump and...
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    Extreme Automatics

    Check out Lonnie's new website and vote on his latest project.Extreme Automatics Where winning is easy
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    Extreme Automatics

    Check out Lonnie's new website and vote on his latest project.
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    Midweswt Buick Challenge

    Anybody know what the date is for 09?