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    Weldon DB2025A fuel pump

    Weldon 2025A fuel pump (-12 inlet/-10 outlet). Got a clean bill of health from Jim Craig at Weldon this past April 2018. $400 shipped.
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    Track prep

    Just a thought....since most of the heads up cars run radials, anyway of getting the track prepped for radials during quals and eliminations. I don't know what arrangements the GSCA has with Beech Bend for track prep. But if all the heads racers say chip in $10-$25, we'll have a guaranteed...
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    Dash speaker cover screws

    Need the screws for the dash speaker cover. The screws have an internal torx along with the 7mm head. Anyone know where I can get some or the GM part #? Thanks Billy T.
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    2018 TSO Rules Discussion

    Since it's that time of year, rule(s) discussion for TSO 2018 - Remove spindle mount wheel rule. I don't see an advantage if running spindle mounts wheels. It's just for weight savings. - Discuss if V-band mount turbo exhaust housings are allowed or not - Only allow owners/drivers with TSO...
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    Dash screws

    Anyone know the GM part number for the dash screws? They have a 7mm HEX head with an internal torx. I looked in the 44W book and there was no illustration for the screws. Billy T.
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    Steering column shrouds

    Anyone know where to get the steering column shrouds (covers) for a non-tilt column. Prefer gray but color doesn't matter as I could have them painted. Thanks Billy T.
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    Great news!!!!!

    The 2018 Buick GS National's have been moved back.....the dates are 10/10/18 through 10/13/18. This even better news for the Northeast guys, the dates don't clash with East Coast Buick Meet. Kudos to Richard Lasseter for making this happen. Billy T.
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    From Beech Bend's website and the GS National's page. BEECH BEND RACEWAY SCHEDULE CHANGES...Sept. 13 - 16, 2017 Wednesday 13th - Track Open, No Racing, No Gate Fee!! Drop off trailer, Set-up, Rest, Relax, Be Social, Have Fun...
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    Is she a member here?

    Billy T.
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    Trunk RPO code sticker

    On a 1987 trunk RPO sticker, what does the six digit number mean after the VIN? The six digit number is before the "J47". Thanks Billy T.
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    Falling or leading edge

    Wiring a new ignition box in my car. The directions for the ignition box is asking leading or falling edge. I'm running a XFI with a stock Buick crank sensor and distributor. Billy T.
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    Kenny Duttweiler seminar

    For those that are going to be at PRI this coming December Billy T.
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    I'm posting this through my phone. When I go on this site with my laptop, I get this annoying pop-up that says I'm I have an Ad-blocker....who doesn't these days. When I wasn't logged in, I could just click the "x" and it would disappear sort of. Every new screen, the pop-up would...
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    Well...this site just made the blocked list at work. I was able to view and log in previously. The message that I get is that the origin country is the Netherlands. Billy T.
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    HR Parts & Stuff Discounts

    Got this from Paul Ferry's (owner of HR Parts & Stuff) FB page. Just passing this along We wanted to do a little something for Christmas this year. Been a couple years since we have been able to do anything, and didn't want to miss it this year as well. Offer applies on items purchased...
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    Be on the lookout in the Onatio area..... Billy T.
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    TR6 ignition with XFI

    Finishing up a new install of a TR6 ignition and XFI 2.05. On the TR6 box, I have all the switches set to off. The motor doesn't sound right idling. Checked everything over and everything checked. I got disgusted and had to walk away. Just wondering if the TR6 needs a different set up due...
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    Purple screen

    Who else gets the purple error screen using Chrome? And have to hit reload. Billy T.
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    Fiberglass under dash panel

    I'm working on a GN fixing odds and ends. This car has a replacement fiberglass panel that goes under the dash on the driver side. I forgot the name for the panel but it's the one houses the fuse panel door and covers under the steering column. I know they existed but never saw one in person...
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    Big THANK YOU to.......

    Big Thank you to: - The Hartlines...Cal and especially Holly for putting together one of the biggest payouts for TSO. Cal who kept the racing running smooth. - Jim Carswell for making sure the track was at it's best. Thursday and Friday, the track was on kill. - Lisa (Turbo Stitches) for...