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    Intercooler shroud needed

    Im looking for a good condition stock intercooler shroud, let me know if you have 1 and how much shipped to 48111. Thanks
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    Resurfacing oil filter adapter ?

    What all grits of sandpaper do you guys use when resurfacing the oil filter adapter ?
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    Brake lines wanted

    I’m looking for the brake lines that run from the master cylinder down to the proportioning valve for a vacuum brake car.
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    Timing cover identification

    What is this timing cover off of ? The one with the water pump on it came off my 87 109 block and the 1 without the water pump also came off a 86/87 109 block but the opening where the rubber crank seal goes it too small to accept the new seal. What do I have going on here ?
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    Engine builder named Bill in Metro Detroit ?

    I know I’m not working with much info here but does anyone know of a engine builder named Bill in the metro Detroit area ?
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    Valve spring tool rental needed

    Looking to rent a valve spring removal tool, i will pay shipping both ways plus toss in a rental fee. Will pay tool cost in full up front if preferred and you can send me the balance back after you receive the part back. Looking for the tool that works with the heads on the car. Thanks
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    Turbo wanted

    Looking for a upgraded turbo for a stock head and cam car. Im thinking something like a TE-44, 5831, 5931 something in that range. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Factory timing mark

    Just want to double check that these are the factory timing marks I don’t see any other dots or markings
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    WTB TR6 ignition

    Just looking to see what’s out here used before I purchase a new one.
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    TR6 ignition question

    I’m looking into the TR6 ignition system to replace my stock system which works but seems to be leaking so sort of goo. Was wonder what is the difference of benefit of running the LS coils over the stock location coil ?
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    Kirbans Performance

    Anyone know if Kirbans is still open and shipping parts ? Just checking before I place an order, I called a couple times but got the machine. Thanks
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    Replacement timing chain

    What’s everyone using for a replacement timing chain, non double roller ?
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    ARP head bolts part number ?

    What is the correct part number for ARP head bolts for a 87 GN with factory heads ? I have searched and came up with 2 different part numbers. Thanks
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    Ignition module & coil pack, turbo shield

    Ignition module with new coil pack from Highway Stars and 10mm Magnecor wires $180 Spool Fool turbo shield $140 Shipping not included
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    Looking far a Typhoon

    Think I’m going to be in the market for a Typhoon soon and just looking to see what might be out there. I prefer black but open to other colors let me know what you might have. Thanks
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    87 GMC Jimmy rust free 20k or trade

    1987 GMC Jimmy 4x4 115K miles TBI 350 engine 700R4 transmission, this is a original California truck that I purchased from a classic truck dealer in Oregon and had it transported here to MI a few months back. This truck has original paint and has never seen salt or had any rust repair, there is...
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    Parts for sale (2)

    More parts for sale. Brand new in box mini starter from DB electrical $50 Good cam sensor off my car $70 Good crank sensor off my car $30 Stock vacuum lines $40 Vacuum brakes vac block $15 HR parts drivers motor mount $60 Almost new Kirbans FPR $75 Stock coolant line $30 Powder coated coolant...
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    Parts for sale

    Stock headers, have been welded and braced $200 Stock intercooler with Turbonetics Dutt neck $200 Spool Fool turbo shield (purchased new this year) $180 Percision plenum $50 Percision Power Plate $40 Throttle body $50 Cruz Performance vacuum relocation kit $125 Stock fuel rail $50 TA Performance...
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    Do I need my factory harness?

    I’m doing a LS swap and selling parts, do I need my 87 factory harness and computer or can I sell it ? Also are the lights and other non engine functions on their own harness or is it all mixed together ? If it matters or your just interested I’m doing a LSA on either a 6.0 or 6.2 fell free to...
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    Valve spring compressor tool for rent ?

    Anyone have a valve spring compressor tool i can rent ? Looking to change out my stock springs to Comp 980's next week while im on vacation, ill cover shipping both ways of course and toss in beer money. Thanks