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    Third brake lights - blue and maroon

    For sale are three different brake lights that were removed from parts cars over the years. I have two maroon and one dark blue. Need to be cleaned up, but in over all good shape. $35ea
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    Crane Cams HI-65 Ignition box / QTP 3” Cutout

    Couple parts that I have sitting on the shelf that I’m looking to move. Crane Cams HI-65 Ignition box mounted on factory coil pack bracket. This was swapped out from my stage car for a MSD DIS-4 box. -$150 QTP 3” cutout that was removed when the build was changed. Has wiring that comes with it...
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    Chrome light bezels - both tailight bezels and front passenger

    Just as the title reads, I’m looking to return a 87 turbo t back to stock form and looking to replace the tailight bezels and need a front passenger light bezel. Both tailight lenses are in great shape, so I would be open to a broken twilight lens but a good chrome bezel with no flaking, etc.
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    206/210 Roller cam, Ported Irons, Fuel Tank w/ double pump

    For sale I have some extra performance parts that were removed from previous builds. 206/210 Comp roller cam complete with roller lifters, push rods, timing chain, and roller button -$475 Factory set of heads that have been ported and polished and utilized with the above cam so is set up with...
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    Tailights for Grand National / T Type

    For sale is a pair of rear tailights from a totaled out 87 Turbo T. Car was a lower mile car that was restored a couple years back. Lights and trim are in damn near perfect condition if not perfect. Trim has no scratches in black paint and lenses shine up great with no cracks, etc. These are...
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    Complete Spare Tire setup

    Would love to sell this local due to shipping cost being high, but I am selling the complete spare tire set up out of my t type. Tire itself looks basically new and like it has never been on the road. Rim has a couple areas where moisture has sat in the lip of the wheel and started to rust on...
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    GNX style dash

    Just removed the dash from the car I am parting out. Dash is in great shape and has VDO gauges. All gauges were operational before disassbling the car and I can send a video to anyone that is interested. $650 plus shipping
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    Black wheel well trim- complete set is very good condition

    For sale is the complete set of four, black wheel well trim that was just removed from a t toe that was restored and couple years ago and was totaled out this summer. There is no dings in any of the trim and the paint very good. I’m not going to say they are mint condition and show quality, but...
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    MAF Translator + LS1 MAF, complete cruise control

    For sale is a brand new MAF translator and LS1 MAF with adaptor harness. I had this put away for another future build, but going on a FAST setup instead. $375 plus shipping 70mm Accufab Throttle Body with matching plenum. Comes complete as pictured and will clean up very nice. Used as a back up...
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    86-87 cruise control set up- complete

    For sale is a complete cruise control set up removed from an ‘87 Buick Turbo T. This is complete with harness, vacuum ball, etc. and was in great working condition before the car was totaled. $150 plus shipping
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    Manual antenna cable

    Looking for a manual antenna cable. Basically the small “pig tail” piece that plugs into the bottom base of a stationary antenna.
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    1987 Buick Regal Turbo T - part out

    Unfortunately I am going to be parting out a 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T that I recently received as part trade for one of my GN’s. Car was involved in a garage fire about a month ago and the front end was damaged due to the fire. Insurance marked the car as a total loss and totaled the car out...
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    4.010” Diamond Pistons on 6.5” Oliver rods

    For sale is the backup set of rods and pistons from my stage 2 car. Pistons/rods were run in a 153 in center motor. Pistons are a 4.010” bore with a 23cc dish and rods are Oliver 6.5”. I only have 5 rods complete with pistons but also have 2 brand new Diamond pistons that come with the sale...
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    Perecision Intercooler pipe - intake side

    For sale is the intake side Precision front mount intercooler pipe. It was painted black and is overall in good condition with no big dings, etc. It was drilled to Alky at one time. $150 plus shipping
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    .030 JE pistons on factory rods with ARP bolts

    For sale I have a brand new set of JE pistons mounted on a set of factory rods with ARP bolts. These are new and never used. $550 plus shipping
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    Champion ported intake/Polished Kenne Bell plenum/TB, etc

    Selling the complete intake from one of my cars. Intake is for the most part complete as pictured and in great condition. - Champion ported lower intake -Polished Kenne Bell plenum and 70mm throttle body -55lb injectors -vacuum block and correct “hard” vacuum lines -coil bracket - had RJC...
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    Kenne Bell 4 bolt headers- stainless steel

    For sale is a set of Kenne Bell stainless steel 4 bolt headers. There is no damage to the headers and no repairs. Crossover is in great shape with no dings, etc. These were removed from a car to install custome headers with a fender exit downpipe. $600
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    Classic FAST

    For sale is a complete classic FAST system that was removed from one of my cars. This is a complete set up and is ready to be installed in a car. $550
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    Brackets, Tail light harness, Chrome turbo cover, etc

    For sale I have several spare parts that I am looking to move out of the shop. Factory tail light harness-$50ea Chrome turbo cover that is cut for 3” DP-$100 Factory speedo cable-$20 Factory hood release cable-$10 Kenne Bell 70mm TB-$225 Accufab 70mm TB with plenum-$350 Factory coil to intake...
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    Classic FAST $550

    This was pulled from a GN that was returned to more of a stock set up. Classic FAST comes as pictured and is complete with O2 and new MAP sensor. $550 plus shipping