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  1. '87 Turbo "T"

    Sound deadener

    Hey guys, replacing the headliner & upper door panels soon & I want to remove the old tar deadener with newer stuff. How many sq. ft(roughly) would be needed to do the roof, doors(inner & outer), & floors? Won't be going crazy. Not doing trunk quarters etc. Thanks!
  2. '87 Turbo "T"

    HVAC vacuum inches

    Hey guys. Troubleshooting my A/C not coming through the vents. I'm aware it could be an actuator as well as a stuck door. I have about 13" of vacuum on the line at the fender vacuum ball & 13" where the violet hose connects to the vacuum control switch. However when I switch to NORM, BI-LEVEL...
  3. '87 Turbo "T"

    Some parts for sale.

    Hey everyone. Have some parts for sale as I've made some changes. Prices listed buyer pays for shipping. Thanks fo lookin'! 1.) Stock set of valve covers. Will need the filter/gasket for the pass side. $50. 2.) TT 5.7 alcohol chip for 60# injectors. $40 3.) Oil fill cap & tube. Tube has a...
  4. '87 Turbo "T"

    Window regulator rollers.

    Hey everyone, Have the doors apart for window adjustment & I see my rollers are flat spotted. What is everyone using for the rollers? I saw the GBody parts set but that's almost $60 for six rollers(yeah, yeah I know Buick's ain't cheap). Is there a Dorman or a Help brand that people use with...
  5. '87 Turbo "T"

    Aftermarket valve covers

    It may be a long shot but I'm looking for a set of these for my new build. Talked to Rich & Champion doesn't have any nor are any in the woiks. Let me know. Thanks.
  6. '87 Turbo "T"

    Drag radial mileage

    I have MT ET Street SS on my T. I was wondering what the mileage I would get out of the tire regularly driving on them. Not a daily driver, just a regular cruiser. Minimal track time. Just driving. I put the Cooper Cobras back on & even in third if she gets too much boost, they just spin. I...
  7. '87 Turbo "T"


    Got this DM from JamesTom: Hey buddy Have you checked with Weston he has it for sale in good condition and cheap price you can shoot him a text if interested at, (408) 713-9568 Check his sign-up, post count, ETC. You guys know the routine. I’ve reported him.
  8. '87 Turbo "T"

    Center caps

    Looking for 2 of the black center caps for the Turbo Regal rims. Don't have to be in great shape just need a set for my spare rims. Let me know what ya got! Thanks!
  9. '87 Turbo "T"

    Power steering hose

    Hey everyone. Selling my power steering return hose. Got it from Highway Stars last year. Upgraded to the TR Customs reservoir so this hose won’t work. $20 shipped. Thanks!
  10. '87 Turbo "T"

    Lower steering shaft

    Hey everyone. Selling the lower steering shaft off of my ‘87 Turbo T. Good shape with plastic cover. $40+ the ride. Thanks!!
  11. '87 Turbo "T"

    Fire extinguisher recommendations

    Hey guys sure this has been discussed before. I did a search & nothing too recent. Car has ALKY, I’m tuning, beating on her a bit & she’s ready to go for decent drives. What are your recommendations for the best fire extinguisher? Thanks!
  12. '87 Turbo "T"

    First tuning

    Hey guys. Well I'm finally getting around to making tunes to the Turbo T. This was my firstish tune. The first couple were just getting used to using the Powerlogger. Let me know what you think. Seems I'm running a bit rich by my O2 mv's. All my other numbers seem pretty close. I have a PLX...
  13. '87 Turbo "T"

    No knock

    Woo-hoo right? WRONG!! So I'm out testing with the Powerlogger today & I got 0* of knock. 16 pounds of boost 91 octane & ALKY. This car has had minimal knock before. However it seemed odd....I just got a feeling ya know? So I test with the key on tapping block & sensor....nothing. Car in park...