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  1. HighMileage

    BLM Stuck at 145. ‘87 GN

    BLM is stuck at 145 unless I decelerate. I have checked for vacuum leaks and have found none. The car runs great. What else coukd cause the high BLM? Thx!
  2. HighMileage

    1987 Turn Signal Stalk. A good one.

    I know there are stalks for sale but the ones I’ve seen look and feel like cheap knock-offs. The font is different and it just feels loose and cheap. I’m looking for a stalk that has everything on it. Cruise and intermittent wipers. I have 5 cars that take these so I’m looking. Thx
  3. HighMileage

    86-87 GN Top speed without factory chip.

    What was the top speed of a stock or near stock 86-7 GN without the factory speed limiting chip? I believe the factory chip limited the car to 124mph. Is there any data or vids showing top speed? I searched and came up with ‘no results’. Thanks.
  4. HighMileage

    Injector Duration vs Fuel Pressure.

    Hey gang, Someone told me that increasing injector duration can be done instead of increasing fuel pressure. From what I’ve always read here,1 pound of boost must be met with 1 pound of fuel press. Is he right? Thx.
  5. HighMileage

    Rockwell Hardness of Cyl Bores.

    I guess the title sez it all. Does anyone know what number hardness the bores are?
  6. HighMileage

    How to remove this body piece?

    I see two screws holding it on but something tells me there's more to it. I'd like to repaint this piece but I'm thinking I'm opening a can of worms taking it off. T-top car. I'd rather remove it and paint it instead of masking. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. HighMileage

    Grand Camino. ??

    Tell me it isn't so.
  8. HighMileage

    Closed vs Open Loop at Idle.

    I just got another updated chip from Eric. I got ahead of myself with mods. It was time for an update. The instructions tell how to set closed loop at idle if desired. Why would someone want closed loop at idle?
  9. HighMileage

    Got a misfire. Coil?

    Hey gang, I was out tonight and instantly noticed at 40mph that my GN wasn't it's smooth running self. I checked the coils. 14k on two of them. 13.7 on another. I started it up and pulled #6 off the coil. ...nothing.. I snapped it back on. Then I pulled #2 off. Blue spark city...
  10. HighMileage

    Swaybar Bushing Install Gone Wrong.

    I knew something simple like this was gonna go horribly wrong. The original bushings were making that rubber on metal squeaking sound so I decided to replace them. Now I have stripped threads in the frame. Hardened bolts threaded into a few threads in a soft steel frame. Yeah. Plus...
  11. HighMileage

    Need Quality Oil Cooler Hoses.

    I'm going to be replacing some stock parts soon. Hoses,the radiator,etc. I believe a smart move would be to replace the stock oil cooler hoses,which have never been unhooked. Maybe I should keep them? If not,who makes a quality set? I do not want Asian ones. I also do not care if they...
  12. HighMileage

    Lockup switches. Open or closed?

    Hey gang, I've got no lockup but I'm getting the command as per my powerlogger. This is a replacement tranny for the replacement tranny. The lockup worked in replacement #1. Unfortunately replacement #1 turned into a Slushbox after 100 miles or so. The lockup hasn't worked in #2 since...
  13. HighMileage

    New EPA Regs Make Our Cars Illegal?

    Can someone please interpret this for me? The link is below. Is this something that could affect all of us who have altered our cars? I hope I'm not reading all of that correctly...
  14. HighMileage

    Yellow Buttons. Can't read them.

    I'm not sure about anyone else,but I can read the yellow buttons. I use an iPhone 5S. The contrast between the while and yellow is so close,it's nearly impossible to read. The same thing occurs when someone uses yellow text on a white background. But these yellow buttons... Any way...
  15. HighMileage

    Rebuild turns to Slushbox.

    Got about 50 miles on this tranny now. Maybe a little more. Mostly city driving with two 10mi hi-way rides. Second to third did some kind of hesitate/slide thing a few times. Mental note. Maybe needs to be broke in. Shifts 1-2 and 3-4 were firm. Maybe more firm than I like. I'd hear...
  16. HighMileage

    Rebuilt 200-4R shifts too high.

    I get 2nd gear at about 3,000rpm no matter what the throttle pressure. I get 3rd at about 50mph. Took it all the way up to almost 70mph and cruised at light throttle. No 4th. Maybe 4th would have come on at 85 or so? lol The rebuilt tranny came with a neutral colored drive gear and...
  17. HighMileage

    1987 V8 GN's in Canada??

    I just called my local Auto Zone looking for a tranny pan gasket. I usually just say '87 Regal. For some reason I added it is a GN. His voice perked up. "Is is a 6 or 8 cylinder,sir?" I chuckled. "They all were 6 cyls." "Some in Canada were 8cyls.",he said. Did one of these Auto...
  18. HighMileage

    Trouble With Metco Loop.

    My instructions say it might not fit flush and to draw it up. I guess T-top cars are prone to sagging in the tunnel area. Well,I gotta tell you... I've got about 3/4 inch between the mounting flanges and the loop. The bolts won't even reach a hole. Has anyone else run into this...
  19. HighMileage

    Which pressure switch is this?

    Can someone tell me which pressure switch this is? 3rd or 4th? It's the one located near Lester. At least that's who's name is on that aluminum cap thingy. The switch with the black wire. 3rd or 4th? Thx
  20. HighMileage

    Ign Key Won't Turn All The Way Back.

    This problem has gotten worse over the years. My ign key won't turn all the way off unless I make the tilt column straight or tilt it down. Right now my key won't come out at all because I can't get that final click back. Sometimes fiddling with the shifter while in Park,plus tilting the...