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    Brake pedal not returning

    so this isn't the standard issue of a pedal not returning after pressing it. Car is an '86 T-type with converted vacuum boost. Up until about a year ago the brakes were great. Things went south due to mice chewing things, I took it to a local mechanic (I live in the mountains) and they ended...
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    Kitsap CO and surrounding areas

    Nice weather is here and there are some local get togethers. Would like it if some other Turbo Buicks could show up! Or we could all get together for cars and coffee if anyone is interested.
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    Buick trunk emblem

    Got this today from a vendor that doesn't have them listed as discontinued or anything. I think the font might be SLIGHTLY different...but for $22 I think it looks great! Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    I got a new iPad, went to log in via the app and couldn't remember my password. Went onto the computer and put in a password reset. Got both emails in the process, but when I go to log in with the automatically generated password the system tells me that it is incorrect. I have done this...
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    Interesting Experience in my Neighborhood today...

    So here is what happened when we got home today.... *Scene: 2000, dusk* We pull into our street and there is a Mustang...somewhere around an 04...with the hood up blocking the way. Roll down the window, ask if they need help and let them know that they can't block the street like that...and help...
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    Swapping Radiator

    So I would do a search for this, but every time I try it says there is an error... So here is my question to the general population. Is there anything I should know before getting into a swap? I'm looking and it looks like unbolt/bolt back in. Pitfalls? Thanks.
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    U.S. Navy

    So as some of you know I'm in the USN. I'm an ET1 (E6/Petty Officer First Class) on submarines. I've been in 11 years. I've got a wife and two kids and I've been in the military my entire life. My dad did a 31 year career in the USAF and after I moved out I joined the Navy at 20...I'm 31 now...
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    Window guides

    So I am replacing the plastic pin guide on the drivers side window and to do so I took out the two pieces of metal with the soft felt that the glass rides on. Now I'm wondering if they are supposed to go back on a specific way. Are the two pieces interchangeable? Or are there differences...
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    Pumpkin Carving

    So I took the wife and kids to a farm out here in WA state that had some fall activities. Hay ride and maze, corn maze, pumpkin patch, and a few other things. Kids and wife picked out pumpkins and I figured I would give carving one a shot instead of just doing a traditional Jack-o-lantern...
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    True Story Bro

    For awhile now I have had an alcohol injection kit for my Buick sitting around. I've tried several times to install it per the instructions and something has gone wrong each time. Well, today I finally got it to work properly (though NOT via the instructions) and I was very happy. The boys...
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    Does the listing for the hard top headliner NEED the extra parts for the dome light, or can I re-use the ones currently in my car? Also, the listing says that you only need new REAR headliner clips to re-install. Do you sell those individually or only as the group of front and rear? Thanks
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    Experience with a moving company....people got fired.

    I am transferring to WA state on Friday and yesterday the Navy sent in a contracted moving company to pack us all up. They were scheduled to work yesterday and today. Two people showed up around 9am with a big box truck full of supplies. Everything seemed like it was going fine, they made great...
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    Basic rear brake job

    Game called on account of rain!!!! For now...I've been jumping on and off of it throughout the day, stopping for the rain. It is either today....or possibly have to wait till late next month due to the move. :( Question: should I do another 'how to' thread for this?
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    Suspension and steering rebuild for beginners!!!

    I’ll start this off with a big shout out to member CharlieF1. He has been a HUGE help both through email and on the phone. I can tell you I would not have been able to do this without his help. Almost a month ago I started a thread about replacing my front suspension, steering...
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    Moving soon.

    I am getting restationed to Bangor WA at the end of May. I was stationed out there for a few years before, but left in 05. I also didn't have a TB when I was there before so know nothing about racing up there. Is there a decent drag strip near Bremerton? I remember signing a petition for one...
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    Logged in..then out randomly

    I logged in with my normal idea. Poked around for a bit and then noticed that on one of my page changes I had been logged out. Logged back in...changed pages...logged back out. So then I tried logging in with Facebook since I had linked my FB account to my Wh1 name before the site change..I...
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    Suspension rebuild

    So I've got a stack of parts to do a rebuild/minor upgrade to my front suspension (and new springs for the rear). (Big shout out CharlieF1 and all the help on putting together a good list btw) Realized it has been a LONG time since I have done any work on this part of the car..and never for...
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    2008 Buick Lacrosse Super

    I've got a buddy who is thinking about getting one of these cars and was asking me if I know anything about them (apparently owing a T-type means I know all things Does anyone have any experience with these cars? After reading the reviews I can understand why he is trying to...
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    New find

    Found this at toys r us!
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    photo of emblems

    Does anyone have a large straight on photo of the hood and trunk emblems? 1000 pixels and higher? I could use one if you do and would appreciate it.