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    Casper Electronics

    Good parts you should get from Casper Electronics??? Seen different enhance wiring units, :unsure:
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    PS windsheild arm, hood trim, 85 turbo bracket

    passenger windshield wiper arm, hood trim that runs across firewall, 85 turbo bracket (top engine) turbo
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    85 GN Alternator bracket bolt/rod

    Don't know the correct name but looking for the bolt that mounts at the top of the alternator bracket. Then bolts down to the top of the intake on 84/85 hot air.
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    Turbo rebuild recommendation

    TA33 need to be rebuild, prefer someone on west coast for quick turn around. Any recommendations?
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    Hoodskinz hood pad/liner

    Where can I get one or do anyone have one for sale?
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    Ac/alt bracket (25503134)

    Looking for a bracket part # 25503134
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    86-87 steel vacuum lines

    Steel vacuum lines needed. converted to intercooled intake and need to run vacuum lines
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    86-87 inlet bell

    Conversion to intercooled with 86-87 intake. Need throttle bracket and turbo inlet bell
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    Need 86-87 throttle bracket and cable

    In need of at 86-87 throttle bracket and cable
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    heater box

    Looking to delete my a/c but still want the heater
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    86/87 stock intake wanted (complete)

    Stock intake
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    1978 to 88 GM G-Body AC Delete to Heat Only Cover

    Looking for a a/c delete only!!! anyone???
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    84-85 oil feed line

    Need oil feed line prefer braided line
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    Low Voltage Problem

    Need some assistance because I did all that I can think of! When I start the car Volts on scanmaster, and alt and battery reads around 14.2v. After letting the car run for a few minutes volts changes drastically and volts indicator starts to flicker on and off. Then only one headlight would...
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    Car runs great at the beginning but once it starts to warm up the performance goes away. To where I'm getting knock retard, what can be the cause, what should I look for first.
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    84 85 positive battery cable

    Need Good position battery cable
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    Hood pods

    Dbl hood gauge pods
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    Where can I purchase a braided oil return line/turbo coolant line?

    Can someone point me to the right direction!