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    Greater St. Louis Area

    Hey whats up my fellow local turbo buick junkies ;) Some of you guys already know but for those who dont, I just wanted to make myself available. Ive been a certified paint protection film installer since 2004 ("invisible bra", "clear bra"). Not sure how many of you are members over at st...
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    resurfacing heads bigtime for compression bump

    Ive got a set of 8445 heads that have been ported/polished w/ larger valves, etc, etc. Checked them and they are now at 42cc. Forged pistons for my 4.1 that I grabbed off this board werent exactly what I expected and as a result after short block assembly/balancing, etc., compression isnt what I...
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    Steel Shims for 4.1L ?

    As title says, wondering if there are any steel shim headgaskets available for a production 4.1 ? Bore is 4.20
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    Carfax please asap - '87 GN

    Hi, I might be buying this 87GN... possibly TODAY. I know its short notice but I didnt have the vin until about 30 minutes ago. It has a salvage title and just a little curious about what will come up under the vin. There is no cluster due to fire so I have no idea what the mileage is, but Im...
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    GT6152 and PT6152, same thing?

    As title says, Im guessing they are the same turbo, right? Ive seen 6152 here with both GT and PT in front of it within the same thread. I think this is going to be the turbo for me. It is either the 6152 or a ta63 but with the price, and performance I keep reading about, its almost a done...
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    Right stall for me?

    Building a 4.1 .020 over, stg2 ported heads (1.77/1.5 valves), 208/224 cam, with probably a ta60 or ta62. I know the 4.1 allows for less stall with the bigger cubes but how does a 3200-3400 stall sound? That is what I am leaning towards in a PI 9.5" Making decision real soon (like...
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    Locking at top of 3rd WOT with single disc?

    Just wondering how big of a deal is it locking the TCC with a Precision 9.5" single disc. As the title indicates this would not be flipping the switch at the beginning of the run but at the top of 3rd. Would the "wear and tear" factor be minimal and thus "not such a big deal"? Or a big "NO" dont...
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    Largest turbo?

    Need to know what is largest turbo that can be used with stock configuration (which would include my V1)? Im assuming a stock '87 housing turbo. ANDwhat is the largest turbo that will fit with a JSM intake style setup? Im hoping larger than a stock '87 housing turbo. I would love to stay with...
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    Killed my TA33

    Heard a weird whirring sound for a split second after a run last Tuesday. Thought it peculiar but it went a way so thought nothing of it after that. Went for another run. About 300 ft out the sound came back and the car bogged down whenever I got on it. I just cruised the rest of the way. 2 or 3...
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    TLink boost sensing 25+ psi

    Has there ever been anything done to enable boost sensing over 25 psi? I already have a 3bar map but TLink wouldnt read over 25, unless something update has been made recently. Anyone know? TIA
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    Add timing?

    Was just thinking. Havent ran the car in 2 years before last week. Went to the track last night and first pass ran a 13.0 @105, 0 KR on top. I turn up the WG 1 turn and spin through the 60 for a 13.1 w/ mph slightly lower still 0 KR on top. Turning up the boost didnt raise the mph like I though...
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    TLink w/ 84/85 ECM reading funny in Normal mode, fine in ALDL mode

    I hooked up TLink to my TR with 84 ecm yesterday (2nd car in sig). In ALDL mode it reads fine but in normal mode #s are all over the place. MAF #s are up and down, BLMs are at 40~, KR is showing 28 deg... all of this at idle. Something definately isnt right, and its not the car itself. TLink in...
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    Anyone using the JS Manufacturing Intake have any track or dyno #s?

    A while back I got ahold of one of those long awaited JS Manufacturing intakes that relocates the TB (w/ u-pipe for hotair configuration). Was able to pick it up from a board member and thought I might try it out. Does anyone have any actual track numbers or dyno numbers using this intake? I...
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    Ni-cad rechargeable battery resurrection??

    I am having an issue with a 18v Black&Decker battery pack from my weed whacker/trimmer and 15.6v Craftsman battery packs from a drill/driver. They wont charge anymore. The trimmer battery pack wasnt even used more than a couple times! So I was searching online for some replacement batteries...
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    ARP main stud part # for 4.1

    Is this the right part# ? : ARP-123-540 TIA I think it is but just want to make sure. I have seen in descriptions that it is designated for Buick V6 but havent actually seen 4.1 mentioned anywhere, just 3.8 on one site.
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    Clevite "H" series main bearings?

    Are there such a thing? I am going with the CB-1398H rod bearings for my 4.1 build and was wondering about a H series bearing for the mains instead of the MS-960P but cant find any info about them anywhere. Anyone know anything about this? TIA Justin P.S. there site doesnt allow you to...
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    Dura-Bond cam bearings for 4.1

    I can only find a part #B12 and B12B at the Dura-Bond site. No choice with the "T" at the end indicating coated bearings. The B12B is "special oil control set"? Whats that? Is this the case that there is no coated cam bearing option for the 14 bolt blocks?
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    Piston ring suggestions for 4.1?

    291 casting 4.1 from a '84 Riv. STD bore now but will be going with .020 forged pistons. What are the rings to go with and where can I get them? Thanks!
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    Main bearings

    Getting ready to order bearings. Going with CB1398H on the rods and was thinking ms-960p for the mains when I came across the FEM-7144MA seen here Anyone have any experience with these? This is for a 291 casting 4.1 out of a '84 Riv
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    Which Rings and Bearings?

    First thought is just go to the parts store and get the good ole Federal Mogul stuff or whatever they have. However Im trying to ACT smart :rolleyes: so I figured Id ask first. Are there any brands or type that are recommended to ultimately hold up better, for a street/ strip 4.1 build shooting...