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  1. CzyKats44

    Stock Y-pipe

    Anyone have a stock exhaust laying around collecting dust? I'm looking for a y pipe. Flange to just before the upturn over the axle. Looking for 84-85 with the ball flange or 86-87 oval flange and the hanger bracket (just the part that touches the cat, not the trans side or rubber). Either...
  2. CzyKats44

    T-Top inner seal placement

    I purchased a set of OPGI TTop shades and it appears they are either too big (I doubt it) or my inner seals (previously replaced) are not in the right place. Can someone post pics of the original seal location and pics of the OPGI shade fitment with relation to the inner seals? Thanks...
  3. CzyKats44

    ISO Hot Air exhaust hanger (trans)

    Looking for the exhaust side bracket pictured below. Anyone have one? Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  4. CzyKats44

    Spring Musclepalooza '17 Turbo Buicks

    I'm pretty sure I got all TBs in the show field. There were a few that raced too (not pictured). Overcast for most of the day but it was nice weather. Apparently a record # of cars in the show. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  5. CzyKats44

    Sun Visor Differences ...

    What are the sun visor differences between hard tops and ttops? Are the mount bracket/arms interchangeable? Was there always a mirror on the pass side? Thanks
  6. CzyKats44

    84 GN Wreck Part out, Making some garage space.

    Here is a list of items I'm looking to get out of my garage. I'm Upstate NY, Albany area. I am willing to drive up to 2 hours for some of the larger items for $60 (fuel). If you are interested in a bulk purchase, I'm happy to adjust the price some. - All prices are somewhat negotiable to a...
  7. CzyKats44

    LM9 No start help.

    Hot air, no start. History, Recently bought this 85 GN. Noticed a newer crank sensor but didn't think much of it (old one in box in trunk). Have not driven it except off the trailer, and in and out of the garage once. A few days ago, back it out of the garage and shut it down. Then it...
  8. CzyKats44

    84-85 Lower Fan Shroud

    Looking for an LM9/'84-'85 lower fan shroud. No hardware required, no cracks please. Please include price Shipped to 12302 in a PM. Thanks -Greg Sent from my Spaceship.
  9. CzyKats44

    Jet Chip for HA info

    What's everyone's take on Jet chips for hot air? I just inhereted one. I have a TT 5.7 that I usually run with good results so no harm in telling like it is about the Jet one. Good, bad, ugly? Sent from my Spaceship.
  10. CzyKats44

    Useless Forum Conflicts and Headbutts.

    I've been on here more than usual in the last week or two and noticed that a 3 threads in a row I wanted to read turned into cock fights between knowledge and new guys for no reason. - The board is suffering because of this. It has become obvious to me that some solid members and knowledge...
  11. CzyKats44

    '84 GN Bad Engine/Roller

    I'm looking for an '84 GN with bad engine/roller. Testing the waters on what's out there. Interested in, - Primarily a rust free to minimal surface rust acceptable. No exfoliation of perforations. - TTop/Hard Top/Astroroof, all acceptable. - Workable paint. If its faded / lightly scratched...
  12. CzyKats44

    Elect Touch Climate Control Module/Resistor

    My Electronic Touch Climate Control Module/resistor crapped, does anyone have one they'd want to sell. Thanks Greg Sent from my Spaceship.
  13. CzyKats44

    Electronic Touch Climate Control resistor

    So where does one get a resistor/module for Electronic Touch Climate Control? Mine started smoking and arching. Thankfully, I was in the garage and shut it down before a fire. Sent from my Spaceship.
  14. CzyKats44

    2 T Emblems, 1 Limited and 1 Horn Medalion

    I have: Two (2) "T" fender/trunk emblems One (1) Limited quarter panel emblem One (1) black trishield horn medallion (has a crack in the clear part and missing tab) I shined them all up and they look great. They are original off of an '87 T, not reproductions. All items are $25 each...
  15. CzyKats44

    MAF Questions

    Stock '84 LM9 engine... Initial reading at WOT on stock configuration was in the 180s I now have a Hot Air with the '86-'87 ECM setup, and got a '86-'87 MAF (suggested on GN/TType) and I can't get over 160 (in third upwards of 75-80mph WOT) I checked for blockages through the system and have...
  16. CzyKats44

    Low BLMs (HA)

    Couple of questions, BLMs are consistently 113 to 115 throughout all phases after a couple of cruises. INTs are 128 +/- 3. At idle It's reading well everywhere else MAF 7, TPS 4.31, IAC 28. What causes a consistent rich condition like this. I have a stock FPR, pulled the vac. line off...
  17. CzyKats44

    84-85 Ignition Control Module (ICM)

    Looking for a working ICM for a hot air. Thanks! Sent from my Spaceship.
  18. CzyKats44

    Slow to downshift.

    After warm and after cruising at highway speeds coming to a stop the trans feels resistant to downshift. Subsequently on accel after stop the engine will bog down unless I manually shift. If I manually downshift and up shift all works as advertised. Trans is properly serviced. Any thoughts...
  19. CzyKats44

    New Turbo

    Hehehehe... J/K, It's a C-130 engine pneumatic starter ("cold side" is splines that manually turn the reduction gearbox when ~35 psi is applied.) Sent from my Spaceship.
  20. CzyKats44

    Control arm Torque specs clarification

    Does "upper control arm nut at body = upper control arm at frame? And "curb height" is off the jackstands, weight on wheels, correct? Sorry about the basic terminology questions... Sent from my Spaceship.