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  1. CzyKats44

    Question on Heater Core replacment

    @edfiero1, I may have a shield to sell in my parts box if your interested I'll go look.
  2. CzyKats44

    Question on Heater Core replacment

    There should be a heat shield hanging off the cowl pinch weld that covers the heater core connections on a HA. I have a medium density foam from Lowes in there with no melting problems for many years. If it's exposed I could see it being an issue.
  3. CzyKats44

    Mild Hesitation on light throttle

    May sound silly but check your cam sensor hold down bolt.
  4. CzyKats44

    Exhaust Hangar

    I'm getting ready to buy the Pypes Y and tail pipes myself. They do make a Non-SS kit that is the 45* side dumps with integral mount brackets. I originally saw the SGG50 setup for our cars. When I initially searched it, the Monte pipes came up in the search until I finally saw SS and Non SS...
  5. CzyKats44

    Stock Y-pipe

    Anyone have a stock exhaust laying around collecting dust? I'm looking for a y pipe. Flange to just before the upturn over the axle. Looking for 84-85 with the ball flange or 86-87 oval flange and the hanger bracket (just the part that touches the cat, not the trans side or rubber). Either...
  6. CzyKats44

    Door harnesses, hardware and control arms

    Let me know what your interested in and I'll build a price. (I also have the door windows if needed, I'm over in Upstate NY so we could meet in the middle of MA for those.)
  7. CzyKats44

    Door harnesses, hardware and control arms

    Door latch guts, window tracks motors and guide hardware.
  8. CzyKats44

    Door harnesses, hardware and control arms

    Harnesses, and concert sound speakers. One audio connector has been removed (unclipped, not snipped). Splitter and tan wire extention harness.
  9. CzyKats44

    Door harnesses, hardware and control arms

    Im at work all night, I'll take a look in the bin when I get up tomorrow and get back to you. I'll lay out all the door bits I have too and you can let me know what you want and we'll work something out.
  10. CzyKats44

    Door harnesses, hardware and control arms

    I have to take a look but I believe I have both the door wiring harnesses. Do you need the concert sound splitter and/or harnesses that go behind the radio and dash (Green, Tan and White I think)?
  11. CzyKats44

    Huge Parts List, selling 31 yrs of Parts collecting, get it while you can!

    Looking for an 86-87 Catalytic converter hanger bracket, Ideally just the 3 bolt, C shaped part that attaches to the cat to ex flange bolts.
  12. CzyKats44

    T-Top inner seal placement

    I purchased a set of OPGI TTop shades and it appears they are either too big (I doubt it) or my inner seals (previously replaced) are not in the right place. Can someone post pics of the original seal location and pics of the OPGI shade fitment with relation to the inner seals? Thanks...
  13. CzyKats44

    What Would Cause This ?

    I meant to say Factory MANUAL in post 22... don't know where the edit button went.
  14. CzyKats44

    What Would Cause This ?

    My factory is the most valuable tool I own for that car... The Philips screws on my cam sensor were tight too, just the mount bolt. Hopefully that is your smoking gun.
  15. CzyKats44

    What Would Cause This ?

    :cry::cry: I was on the way home from work and two d*ckheads were racing thier lawn mowers behind me and one lost control...
  16. CzyKats44

    What Would Cause This ?

    No Prob, happy to share if it helps someone who's chasing their tail. I just torqued mine and it corrected the issue. As for timing, seemed to run fine. I do have the little plug in tool for making sure its set properly but I've been busy and haven't gotten to it yet. But I do plan on...
  17. CzyKats44

    What Would Cause This ?

    Lockman, Just something else to get eyes on if you haven't remedied this issue yet... I had an intermittent situation thats sounded eerily similar to what you described in post #1. About 60% of the time, initial light accel and cruse in the 1700-2300 rpm range it would buck a little. It took...
  18. CzyKats44

    No power issue

    The knowledge base is here, but you have too many unknowns thus far for anyone to point you in in any one direction over the internet. Sort out one issue at a time. Tackle your vacuum issues first so its known good. ECM issues can manifest everywhere if you suspect an issue. sort that next...
  19. CzyKats44

    Help id this plug

    @Tenracer, Hobbs switch connector, @S.Hitt, the leads go directly to the digital dash turbo lights. Its supposed to be attached to the vacuum line out of the bottom, back side of the manifold. You mentioned in another post of iffy vacuum line routing, there is at least one right there. Once...
  20. CzyKats44

    1987 Black Regal with T package non turbo 307 HOW MANY PRODUCED

    Did that with a very similar car 400cid/THM400 combo. '87 T with Olds 307... probably 10 years ago. Car had 8" holes in the floors and toasted frame rails, she ended in the crusher. The 400 Engine and trans went into my buddys 80 camaro.