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    BMW uses water injection on production vehicle Very cool... for an OEM..
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    Taurus SHO trunk install

    Thanks to Ron letting me work on his wife's car Hope ya likes.. Funny how technology moves forward still messing with a V6 :)
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    Technology Will post up new results soon.. (y)
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    Serious Alkyholic sent me these.. Wow is all I can say... (y)
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    Newer V6 getting it Funny how old tech and new tech merge (y)
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    Warning Sign

    This was on a Chinese Mop bought at Staples.. the warning in blue is priceless..
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    BG 2014

    I'll be heading up to the Nats next week. Bringing with me tools/testers/etc.. If your in need of anything, let me know so I can bring it. I will be offering pump tests for anyone who asks.. I know in the previous years its been last minute leaks found and was able to get things sorted out...
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    Bowling Green 2014

    Ill be headed up to the Nats next week. If anyone is needing something for me to bring up.. kit, tester, pump, twin nozzle upgrade, widget?.. etc.. let me know by weeks end. I'll be doing installs while there as well.. let me know if I can be of service. See you all there.. Julio
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    WTB Turbo Crank

    Need a std/std or 10/10 crank with the rolled fillets.. Let me know what you have.. Julio
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    New pricing on the kits

    That time has come. GM discontinued the 25525470 reservoirs used in making the alky kits. Pricing now has increased 35 to offset the additional costs in procuring these reservoirs. Julio
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    WTB 25525470

    Let me know if you have any you can get rid off.. must be new with or without the hose. Julio
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    Pushing the limits..

    This weekend.. did something I never thought i'd do.. Pump gas, 25 PSI, got it done... Its a pretty big feather in the hat. 8.66 average (y) Grant with his Buick got the 12.0 average win as well. :)
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    1000 HP C7

    Amazing stuff right there.. (y)
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    Pump Warmer

    Tossing this out there.. Set to 80 degree's to keep the pump moving better in winter time.. Thoughts :)
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    Intake gasket for M&A heads

    Stock intake on M&A's. What gasket? The Felpro with belly pan or the separate pieces? Thanks J
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    Block Prep

    Those been there and done that.. The question is the line hone and line bore. I have read articles where they say to do it with the heads TQ'd down, I have seen shops simply do it with bare block? Which is right or wrong? The article from Merkel drilling out the 3rd mains to get more oil...
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    My Mustang last weekend

    8.57 at 159 Pump Gas 93 :D Probably the fastest street car I know off on 93 by itself using meth injection..
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    Oil pressure problem

    Got a motor that's kicking my tail. Brand new build. Rods and mains are set to 1.7-1.8 thou. hV pump, threaded plugs on oil galleys, morel lifters, clearance on pump plate is .002, oil used is conventional valvoline 10w40 and can only get 45 psi on a drill. When oil gets hot pressure plummets to...
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    Black Friday Specials at Alkycontrol

    Now through Monday December 2nd, GN kits are 5% off and free shipping on orders totaling over 200 within the US. GN kit with 3 bar is 565.00 shipped applying the discount and free shipping. This pricing applies to the first 10 kits ordered. Quantities limited. First come first serve. Just call...
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    Never underestimate your opponent

    This was Saturday at the FL2k13 race here in Bradenton. Street car class.. we drove the 30 miles and I drew this car to run. Looked like a 240 .. nothing special.. guess I didnt do my homework.. Coulda shoulda woulda run a...