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    Jason White goes 8.77

    I think that I have a video of his 8.77 run on my (now old) Galaxy S phone. I will check & try to post it.
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    having issue with TPS

    Try or With advance if you order online you normally get a 15 - 20% discount, then select to pick it up at your nearest store.
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    Improved door hinges

    We need a vendor to either refurbish or completely redesign some new door hinges for these cars due to the weight of the doors. My friends & I have discussed this topic and ALL OF US would be willing to pay more for a set of premium hinges possibly machined from billet steel. (can you say RJC...
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    Tankless Water Heaters...anyone have one?

    How much gas would our little turbo V6 motors burn if they idled in our driveways 24/7 for a whole month, & really only got driven normally for 30 minutes or an hour each day? I don't need hot water all the time, & when I turn the faucet on it's there, scalding hot, each & every time. Do your...
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    Tankless Water Heaters...anyone have one?

    Love mine. Bought it off of Ebay about 3 years ago for about $500. Steibel Eltron brand made in Germany. Distributor said they're good with 0 returns, & said stay away from Titan brand due to alot of returns. Make to to size heater appropriately in case you plan on using 2 showers at once. Mine...
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    Support Me In The 2008 MS-150!

    MS Ride Five bucks, no problemo. buickcowboy.
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    fwd roller and non roller cam parts in gn motor

    :cool: Me too, thanks.
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    The Biggest Giveaway Ever- Christmas 07 Mega Charity Drive! ToyForTots!

    buickcowboy It's a great cause. We do the same thing here at work, too!
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    May 07 TurboBuick & Giveaway!

    Please add me to the winner's list.
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    April Contest! GiveAway AGAIN!!!

    Turbo X 2 Me too.
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    January FREE Give Away! FRONT AIR DAM!!!

    Let me know when I win. Thanks again Brian.
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    All Florida Turbo Regal/TTA Owners Sign in here

    NE Florida Halfway between Lake City & Jacksonville (Macclenny). '87 GN & '87 T Limited w/WO2 option.
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    Count me in! Brian, thanks for providing us with more real world products, not just overpriced B.S.
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    Parting 87 GN

    A Pillar Trim I need a driver's side A pillar trim in VG cond., the one by the windshield.
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    Total seal rings

    pcv And now for my next experiment, I'm gonna try to trap the oil. I'm thinking take an airtight container and connect it inline in the pcv line. The pcv end should connect about 1/2 or 2/3 the way up on the container and the throttle body end should connect at the top. The oil should collect...
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    Total seal rings

    pcv I installed a clear plastic 3/8" line from the hardware store between the pcv valve and the throttle body (behind the throttle blade). I am pulling 12" of vacuum at idle with a Comp 260 (206) cam. I could see oil very slowly getting sucked up almost to the metal line but not to it. Revving...
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    Total seal rings

    I installed total seal rings during my rebuild and am now having oil consumption problems. Does anyone have a solution? I think it's going through the PCV back into the intake manifold. Any suggestions?
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    Fuel tank supplier?

    Anyone know where to buy a new replacement fuel tank? Mine has rust pinholes underneath the support straps. Maybe a plastic one instead???