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    GNX gauges in a GN

    Has anyone done this and how difficult would it be to install a GNX gauge cluster in any Turbo car?
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    Front bumper guards

    I'm in search of a pair of front black bumper guards for my T car. I know these are available on the after market, but would like to see if anyone has an original set. Thanks, Tom.
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    console ashtray

    Anybody have the ashtray bucket for the floor console for my 87 Turbo T. I don't need the spring lid just the inside tray. Ty
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    Backspacing question

    Is 4-7/8" too much BS on a 15 x 8.5 wheel? Tire would be 275/60 going on an 87 Turbo T car. Ty
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    Interior trim

    I'm looking for the D/S gray upper trim piece that the sun visor bolts to for a 87 Turbo T , T top car. I'm not sure if these are repo'd, I doubt it. Thanks
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    I want to install a couple of gauges in the dual pod housing that goes on the center console under the radio console. The pod states 2 1/16" gauges but the gauges I want are 2", will this still work or will it be to loose? Ty