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    Amazing quality and service from Steve V’s!

    I have been dealing with Steve for almost a year now with various odd and end things with my 87 Grand National. Anyone that knows these cars understands the support you need getting these cars running tops. Steve has never once backed away from helping me work through issues with my car so when...
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    New Billet PTC “9.5 non-lockup

    Selling my PTC “9.5 billet converter I decided to go lockup for the long trips I’ll be taking. Converter was purchased through PTC for $1000 and has less than 800 miles on it. $800 plus shipping This is great deal for someone looking for a NL is my direct email
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    Power steering pump pressure

    Can someone tell me what the stock power steering pump pressure is? I have searched the internet for two days now trying to find out with no luck. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any turbo Buick guys in South Alabama?

    Getting broke in well with my new GN. Started getting while smoke today and I would like someone to look at it but I haven't found anyone this way that is familiar with our cars. They all say they know what they are doing but I've already found this not to be true. The guy I bought it from is...
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    Need help with intrepid dual fan issue

    Okay guys I am about ready to pull my hair out. This is going to be long but I don't know what else to do at this point. I have read all the topics I could find on the issue here with no luck on my issue. 87 Grand National with minimum info from previous owner so I'm learning the aftermarket...
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    What is this

    I was changing my O2 sensor tonight and found this connector stuck in that area below the turbo. I just got the Grand National and am new to the cars but this looks kind of important. Thanks in advance