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    1987 GN OEM header panel

    Looking for an '87 GN header panel. No reproductions or T-type/Regal headers please. I will consider an NOS piece. Let me know what you have, I am located in Scranton, PA 18504.
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    Stock with a PT53 turbo, next upgrade?

    Hello, I've put roughly 620 miles in a couple months on my GN after resurrecting it from 'totaled' status. It's a bone stock 87 with almost 38,000 miles and a PT-53 turbo on it. I've run into a dilemma on whether or not to put a little more power into it. The only mechanical issue with it is...
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    Anyone in the Warren, OH area recognize this GN

    After buying my GN totaled, I finally did some research to see what happened to the car. I thought it was wrecked in upstate NY in 02. Turns out, it was involved in an accident June 18, 2003 with another car in the Warren, Ohio area. I know this is a huge shot in the dark. Searching news...
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    Need a few parts to finish my restoration

    Hi, I need a few little things to finish up the rebuild of my '87 GN. Any leads or soruces are appreciated. 1) Header panel bracket. The small bracket that goes right behind the top center of the header panel. 2) Stock oil fill neck. Have a few good caps, need the neck. 3) Turbo boost...
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    86-87 GN passenger bucket seat

    For sale is a GN Passenger bucket seat removed from a 1987 GN. The seat is in good condition, no rips or tears. It needs a good cleaning but should look great in a driver. I'm asking $125, prefer pickup from Scranton, PA 18504 but will consider shipping.
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    Intercooler brackets and oil cap

    Buttoning up the last of my needs for my 87 GN. WTB: complete stock IC brackets. Nice oil cap. Would love to get both from same person but not a necessity. Please let me know what you have, thanks. Louie
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    Starting procedure for a 37K motor sitting 10 years

    Hi everyone, excuse the rookie post. This is my first go at a turbo car. Tomorrow we are getting ready to start my low milage GN and I want to make sure I have the right procedure down. The motor spins free, we were cranking it without firing it off to make sure everything sounded ok. I...
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    Help identify this turbo

    Hi all this turbo is on my 87 GN, obviously it's not a Garrett..I have half of the original Garrett turbo. Can anyone help me ID this precision unit? Thanks!
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    Complaints with ttaowner- James

    Since I am new here, this certainly isn't the right way to get into the turbo crowd but I am fed up at this point. For someone who pays to sell parts on here, this is unacceptable. I know I'm not the only one to go through this dance with James aka ttaowner. Here is a timeline of our $300...
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    1987 GN shell w/ ASC sunroof

    Up for sale is a 1987 GN shell with a factory ASC sunroof. It is a rust free shell with good quarters, roof, floor, and trunk pan. The shell comes with a clear title. I bought the car for the front clip and frame, and now the shell is just taking up storage. The ASC sunroof is in good condition...
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    Revival of the 37K 87 GN

    Every car has a story, and this one didn't go so well. This thread focuses on my 1987 GN with 37,113 original miles. Why does a 37K mile GN need a revival? Well this one got smacked hard in 2002, and was never repaired. It is a highly optioned car (original window sticker MSRP $19,101), and...
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    New Turbo owner

    Hello! My name is Louie, I'm a 20 year old college student from PA. When I'm not in school, I'm usually working at my dad's repair shop. We have been in business since my grandpa started it in 1953, we have been a buick family all our lives. Currently we have 15 older buick a sitting around...
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    Wanted: 87 GN front end

    Hello, new member here! I just aquired a wrecked 87 GN with 37K on it. The car is hurt, really hurt... I basically need an entire front end minus a core support and right front fender ( sourced locally). I'm very active in the 70-72 GS community but a turbo car is totally new to me. I would...