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    BRF Transmission

    I have a friend looking for a stock BRF transmission for a GN. I looked through the for sale section and did not see anything recent for sale. Thanks!
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    PTC 9.5” 18 blade w/sprag

    Switching setups and no longer need. PTC 18 blade with sprag. Stalled 3000rpms at 0psi and flashed to 5200-5400rpms on a iron headed 6766 combo. Converter retails for $1300. $800 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Precision 7168 ball bearing ported H cover

    like new Precision 7168 ball bearing ported H cover with HD wastegate and 3 bolt .85ar. Asking $1600 shipped to lower 48.
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    Johnson lifters, Pac 1208X, titanium retainers

    Selling a set of Johnson reduced travel lifters $700, Pac 1208X-16 springs $250, and 12 Pac Titanium retainers $200 (for the 1208x’s). All parts are new/unused in box, opened for pictures. Price includes shipping to the lower 48.
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    Roller camshaft

    Looking to see if anyone is willing to part with a 218/218, 215/220, 216/220, or 220/224 roller camshaft. Willing to pay up to $800 or more if it’s the right one. Pm me you have one and are willing to separate with it.