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    Gnx style dash plate?

    does anyone know if anyone is still selling blank gnx style dash plates / templates ? I am looking for options for putting in gauges and can't find any. thanks
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    Fuel pump / line limit

    I am looking to see the best set up for a twin turbo 6.0L LS fuel pump / line setup. I am running my setup on 6 psi and it made 480 wheel hp, and it was running out of fuel in 3rd gear. I currently have a hotwired single reds xp fuel pump and stock lines. What would be the best setup for...
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    An fitting fuel line adaptors

    I am in the process of turbo ls swap into my 87 GN and I was looking for AN adapters that go from the factory fuel lines at the frame rail to -AN fittings. Does anyone have a part number for an AN fitting / adaptor to the factory GN fuel line feed and return near the frame rail? I want to...
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    200r4 bracket

    need a bracket for a 200r4 coming off transmission.
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    Scanmaster , 50 lb injectors , gnx emblems

    Scanmaster 2.1 - $175 shipped . Was hardwired into fuse box comes with wires, used but still works fine. Set of 50 lb msd/delphi injectors - $175 shipped. No chip. GNX emblems - GM w/ orange tape. $75 each shipped. Have 3.
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    wtb: STOCK injectors good set

    still looking for an AFFORDABLE set of stock injectors that are all known good. I.e. not leaning out or haven't been in storage a long time. Also have a set of GOOD 50 # injectors $150 or can work a deal.
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    WTB set of STOCK injectors

    need a KNOWN good set of stock injectors. trying to diagnose a lean top end problem need a good set of 28/30 lb stock injectors. Please only reply if u know they are all good and/or have tuned w/ them and third gear and they are fine. thank u
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    50 lb injectors $175

    good used set of 50 lb injectors for sale. $175 b/o
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    Direct Scan $100 b/o

    Direct Scan $100 b/o. New replacement ribbon cable.
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    White face gauge overlays for TTA

    I have a set of white face gauge overlays that came off my tta before i sold it. $50.00 shipped. Originally $100, still in good shape.
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    Wot Leaning out

    I am having a problem leaning out in the top end at about 80 mph and over my o2 numbers just seem to drop to about 650 then it starts to knock so I let off. Stock turbo, thdp, adjustable regulator, 50 lb injectors, turbo tweak chip for 50's 20 deg/18 deg. It started leaning out with this...
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    Scanmaster 2.1 , autometer tach - new

    Used scanmaster 2.1 $200 Autometer 3 1/8" tachometer whiteface with chrome bezel part #1398 $60 shipped new in package
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    1998 Buick Regal GS $1500 164k in MA

    Regal GS that was traded in to a dealership my brother works at. It runs and drives but has a cylinder 3 misfire code. I haven't really looked into what it might be, no time to diagnose. Car overall is pretty clean and reads 165k on the clock. Has a few scratches but body in really good...
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    1997 Pontiac GTP Supercharged $3750 firm in MA

    -101k miles -black exterior -tan leather interior -12 disc -sunroof -power everything -HUD display Call 508-776-5459 for more info. $3750 FIRM. Average Blue book value is MUCH HIGHER! You will not find a better deal on a GTP then this! Runs and drives very nice with plenty of...
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    1997 Pontiac Grand prix GTP $4200

    -black -99k -3.8L supercharged -tan leather -Heads up display -12 disc -new Z rated tires -all power options A steal at $4200!!! Great daily driver still has plenty of life left in it. email me for more info. pics
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    Help on chasing high blm

    My blm is pegged at 150 at idle and at part throttle. I have been trying different things and following razor's list to see if i can solve this. Things I've tried already: New 50# injectors New turbo tweak chip check valves 02 sensor hose inspections I tried putting a flat peice...
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    17 inch GNX / GTA wheels and tires RARE

    Selling black lace 17" GNX style rims that would look awesome on a GN or T type. Set of 4 17" GTA style wheels epsilon brand. Very hard to find in the 17". Almost a duplica of a GTA wheel. Fronts are 17x8.5 and rear are 17x9.5. Front tires are in very good shape, rears are about 50%...
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    anyone running carfax please

    Could some one please run this vin: 2HGES16594H621135 I am thinking of picking this up for a everyday car. Thanks in advance
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    40# redstripe chips Joe L. + alky chip

    Have 3 chips for redstripe 40# injectors: Joe Lubrant street 93 20 deg. chip- $25 Joe Lubrant race 110 26 deg. chip- $25 Alcohol chip 24 deg - $25 can email me
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    TTA owner's kit for sale

    Owner's kit for sale for anyone interested. also no reserve.