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    gotta love livin in the USA!

    A random thing. on sunday its a family ritual that we all meet at my grandmothers house after church. This past sunday it was a beautiful day ,first in a while so i drove my Buick. At a random traffic light the cars staggar just right to put me about half a car in front of an earthy looking guy...
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    ALKY tank in trunk concerns

    I am going to (at some point)start using an alky kit on my piece. I would like to ,as others have done,put one of those spare tire well tanks in the trunk. My concers are that the longer lines will delay the alky getting to the motor. Is it as simple as running check valves in line to keep the...
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    Hydroboost help for the love of god!!!

    I am contemplating hanging my self with the braided lines I built for my HB conversion. I've blead the brakes eleven thousand times, and are fairly confident there is no air in the lines, but i still cant get a pedal when the car is running. I used the H/B and master cyl for a 85' gn. Am I...
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    The "Banana" as seen on TV

    If I'm not mistaken,I think the new episode of "pinks all out" from Indy is coming on this thursday! This,for all who don't know,will be the World wide Television debut of Team Banana racing inc. Being there in person was really cool,and seeing it on The TV should be even more so. Congrats...
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    H/B master cyl choices

    I was wondering if one could use one of the chrysler manual M/Cs that everyone uses on drag cars with the hydro boost conversion? I'm not looking forward to using that big old cast iron unit. If its only a matter of getting the actuator rod the correct length,thats no big deal. Am I over...
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    yet another brake question

    Does any one know what bore size is the old "corvette style"master cylinder is?I'm referring to the aluminium ones that have ports on both sides of the m/c.Or is that to broad of a question?
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    D-Days Roll bar

    I just finished Davids bar.I decided to finally document one start to finish with photographs. hope you all enjoy. Bigheadchris. Pictures by bigheadchris - Photobucket
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    Chit talker(ronnie)s meat can't be beat! ask me how I know

    This past weekend I ,along with the rest of the really cool people ,went to beautiful,scenic,and extreemly flat,Dublin Indiana.Home of team Banana Hammock Racings world head quarters, and culinary school.Once there,We were treated to some fine,fine home cookin'.Ronnie decided it would be prudent...
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    Hydroboost conversion ?s

    I'm contemplating doing this,but I'M CHEAP!!I know the pumps are also used on other stuff,But what?What stuff should I be looking for?I hear the junkyard a calling!Thanks,Chris
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    modded 87'ecm

    Modded ECM out of 87'T/R.modded for 55's and direct scan.Computer and two 55# chips 1.pump gas,1.race gas-$150.00+ ship.-offer? thanks,Chris
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    Muff,yea I said it

    I am looking into building my own stainless exhaust.I'm curious,what s/s muffler produces a sound most like the old ATR pitbull mufflers?Are they still available?
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    Hot Box

    I read a few months back in ither"HOT ROD"or "CARCRAFT"about a new aftermarket non a/c heater box for A and G-bodys.Anyone got any info?Thats a must have!
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    stir the pot

    As making a few vain atempts to run TSM at the "Green" over the years,I have nothing really vested in the series other than digging it alot.Thats why I don't know any better than to ask,"Why not run a spec turbo under a 70?"Somthing in the 60's mabey.Preservation of the class seems to be...
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    wheel tubs

    I know you can't "mini tub"w/sheet metal tubs,but what about widening the stock stuff a little to take full advantage of a frame rail notch?
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    Buicks giving me the hot foot.

    My GN continues to pump hot air thru the floor vents even though the heater and fan control is off.I've taken the switch pannel off and checked all the vac lines,and they are all intact.What am I missing?Is this a G-body thing? because I had a 87'Aerocoupe that did the same thing.Thanks...Chris
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    A new way to steam rice

    I finally got my piece(87 GN) back on the road after a two year hiatus, and had been driving back-n-forth to work to put some miles on the fresh motor.A friend of mine who drives a turboed mazdaspeed proto-somthing,with a lot of stuff done to it,bigger lung,I/C,injs,engine management, ported...
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    "You smell somthing?"

    I have an Audioban 8002T amp pushing two soundstream SPL15's.This is a new system.I just put it in my truck.I have 4 ga.wire feeding the amp (thru a fuse) with a 4ga.ground The system thunders (Thanks to you guys helping me with cubic foot math."speaker boxxx").I moved the amp from under the...
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    Boilin'hydes,and the big screen.Who's#1

    Who laid the best patch,and in which movie & scene? For me,its a three way draw between the scene in"Bullitt"where Steve McQueen bounces the stang' off a parked car,backs up and proceeds to one leg it for about 10 car legnths.The sound was waaay cool!The other is from "Smokey and the Bandit"when...
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    Speaker Box(the love below)

    Whats the formula for finding the cubic feet of a box?The one I'm building is sort of triangle shaped.The dimensions are 9"across the base,by17"tall,by 3"across the top,and is 60"long.Its for my truck,behind the seat.Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.