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    Good head work in WA?

    Who does good head work in WA? No, not a truck stop quicky, I need a pair of stock 8445 heads re-done!! I was regasketing and freshening up my motor, installing Comp 980's and valve stem seals on the car, until discovering the previous owner had used head gasket in a can... now I'm pulling the...
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    Control arms front/rear upper/lower

    I'm wondering if all 81-87 G-body's share the same front/rear upper/lower control arms as an '87 G.N. or if there are any differences between them? I want to get a full set prepped and ready to bolt on to minimize downtime while I'm doing bushing & BJ replacement, just don't want to grab the...
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    Drivers side factory exhaust manifold

    I'm hoping to find a used Drivers side exhaust manifold at a fair price. I'd prefer one that has been properly repaired and brace welded to prevent future cracks. I have one that is cracked and repairable, but do not trust any of the local welders at the prices they want, and do not have a spare...
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    Is there a local Pacific NW / West Coast Buick club?

    Is there a local Pacific NW / West Coast Buick club?
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    Good street manners camshaft replacement

    What is a good streetable camshaft upgrade that works with vacuum brakes, factory heads, road driven car with a small turbo? I'm playing with my original hardware 66,666 mile '87 GN and enjoyed it over the Summer/Fall. She's running great, but its time for some clean upgrades all around. Its a...
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    Digital dash & spare gauge cluster parts

    Hoping to find a reasonably priced Digital Dash cluster, working or not, but no junk please. I'm also looking for the plastic housing (cluster?) that all the lights and wiring plugs into, along with any other spare digital dash pieces that I can use to build a nice cluster. I have a fully...
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    2000+ Blazer 2wd dual piston caliper opinions

    I'm looking at upgrading the brakes on my '87 G.N. I'm running stock sized wheels, and am installing a G-body vacuum power booster & master cylinder. I've located a 2wd Blazer in the junkyard with the correct dual piston calipers/hubs for the swap. A couple of questions for those who have done...
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    Pacific NW Boost Addict

    Hey Buick gang, just wanted to make my not so short introduction. Long time lurker, new Turbo 6 owner! I live outside of Seattle, WA and am a lifetime professional mechanic who grew up around oldschool hotrodders building streetrods and mostly old Buick/Mopar/Ford muscle cars. My love of Grand...