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  1. Mike E

    XFI and stock ECU Electrical Connectors

    I had these left over from my turbo buick build. $25 shipped for everything. All 4 connectors (x2) for an xfi ecu with both size pins. Use them for repair or build a new harness. I also have both XIM connectors. And Finally pins for a stock turbo buick ECM connector.
  2. Mike E

    GN T-Type cartoonish print framed

    I'm not sure where I got this or what it goes for. It is framed and ready to hang. SOLD It says Madd Doggs on the bottom right, but that doesn't bring up anything on google.
  3. Mike E

    Garage clean out sale

    Catch Can with -10 fittings. $65 shipped Aluminum coolant neck. I'm not 100% sure if will fit with a thermostat. It was built for a race car without one. $20 shipped
  4. Mike E

    -10 AN fabricated aluminum Catch Can

    I have one remaining catch can ready to go. This mounts using the A/C delete panel bolts so no need for extra holes in your car. Obviously you need to have the A/C box removed though. This one has -10 fittings welded onto it. It is internally baffled. $80 shipped Will need your own 1 1/2"...
  5. Mike E

    Flex Fuel Sensor

    I have a flex fuel sensor I'm not using. It comes with -8 fittings and the GM harness. $125 shipped. The sensor is brand new from Innovative Motorsports. Russel 3/8" GM QD to -8 fittings. There are -8 tube nuts and ferules on in the picture in case you want to plumb this into hardline. I...
  6. Mike E

    Catch Cans

    UPDATED: I've had a few people request catch cans lately and I bought some spare material to build a few extra. These mount using the A/C delete panel bolts so no need for extra holes in your car. Obviously you need to have the A/C box removed though. I have some welded up, but with no...
  7. Mike E

    E85 Flex Fuel Sensor

    Leftover from my GN. I was thinking about using it on the new car, but decided to stick with pump gas. It includes the pigtail and -8 fittings shown. If you want -6 fittings I can do that also. Used for 100 miles on my car. $100 shipped.
  8. Mike E

    4" aluminum air intake

    4" aluminum air intake from my car. The filter has about 200 miles on it and looks like new. It comes with the filter, aluminum tube, black coupler and hose clamps. SOLD
  9. Mike E

    86-87 IAC manifold

    I found this while cleaning out parts. In excellent condition. It's missing one screw. $20 shipped.
  10. Mike E

    T56 bellhousing and RXT clutch for manual trans swap

    I sold my car with trans and engine seperate. Neither person had the same plans as me, so I still have these parts left. Quick Time RM8072 BOP to T56 bellhousing. Can be used with a clutch fork or hydraulic throwout bearing. 1/4" spacing is included for use with a t56 magnum. TA performance...
  11. Mike E

    GN1 3.5" cutout/ test pipe with v-band

    I had this on my car for ~20 miles. The v-band is included. I welded stainless bolts to the cutout flange and added wing nuts for easy removal. SOLD
  12. Mike E

    FAST XIM with Harness

    FAST XIM with hanresses. I purchased this from Cal in late 2014. I got the car running in late 2015 and put about 200 miles on it before selling the car. I bought it with coil pack which can be included if you want them for extra. The harness is setup to work with a standalone FAST harness...
  13. Mike E

    GN parts closeout

    My roller, trans and motor are sold. This is what remains. Prices are plus shipping and paypal fees. If someone is interested in doing a 6 speed swap, I'll do a deal on the bellhousing and clutch and throw in a couple other necessary parts. XIM with wiring harnesses and LSA coils. Bought...
  14. Mike E

    Pypes exhaust

    Brand new, installed and ran for about 30 miles. Enough to drive it back from my friends shop and around the neighborhood doing some troubleshooting. I welded the mufflers to the y pipe and put v-bands on the tailpipes. I also built some mounts for the mufflers with rubber hangers and...
  15. Mike E

    Holley 160 lb/hr injectors

    These are like new. I was troubleshooting a miss in my car and I bought this set to swap in, but that wasn't the problem. They idle better than the Bosch 160's I had, so I kept them until I recently sold my motor. These have about 6 miles of street use on them. SOLD Holley PN 522-161...
  16. Mike E

    87 GN Pro Touring roller

    87 Hardtop GN. It was restored sometime before I bought it. The paint is deep and slick. It has small chips here or there, but IMO it's an 8/10. All panels are original GN steel except for the glass bumper fillers. It was a low option, no cruise, defrost, manual window car. It has an...
  17. Mike E


    I'm not sure who this guy is, but he likes to leave other peoples numbers for you to call.
  18. Mike E

    Stage 2 on center 4.5L with TA heads

    Selling my 277" Twisted 6 racing built TA headed Stage 2. I has 6 passes and ~100 street miles on it. I has been 9.21@145 in my 3400lb. car. It was originally built for X275/TSO 153 on center block with cross bolted front and rear mains. The best block. It's been fully prepped by Chris...
  19. Mike E

    AC delete pulley

    AC delete pulley. $45 shipped. it's been bolted on and used for about 50 miles, but as you can see in the picture it looks as new as can be.
  20. Mike E

    Danny Bee Belt drive and accessories.

    I'm selling my Danny Bee belt drive and accessories. Nothing wrong with it, I'm just stepping back to a stock timing covers setup so I can eventually put A/C back on the car. This is the bullet proof setup if you are running a lot of spring pressure and are worried about timing chains or gear...