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    Cruz Performance fuel rails-USED

    I have a set of Cruz Performance fuel rails that are anodized black and used. I ran these for two years & there are no issues with the rails and I am selling them because I am going back to the factory rail. The fittings on the rear of the rails are -8 & front is -6: Price: 150.00 shipped...
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    2004R dipstick tube

    I am in need of a factory transmission dipstick tube. I am only interested in one that's a GM stock tube and is not bent, cracked or damaged.
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    Gear Drive with modified stock front cover

    For sale: Complete Gear drive and modified stock front cover. Price: 350 shipped This gear drive is 100% complete and there are no issues, sheared gears or rough bearings. It spins freely. The stock front covers have to be modified to use the gear drive as you can see from the photos. The plate...
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    Brand new GN1 angled IAC adapter

    Item has been sold Moderator's can delete thread if wanted.
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    I'm starting a thread to let it be known, as I'm in the process of rebuilding this car and am in desire of information, photos, videos, stories about this car and the legacy/history it has laid within our community. If you recognize the car, it's obvious you've been around for years and I'm...
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    Alkycontrol single nozzle kit

    the kit has been sold. Admin you can delete this thread if youd like. item will be shipped tomorrow
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    Accufab FPR

    The Fuel Pressure Regulator has been sold!! thank you
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    87 Chassis service manual Vol. 2

    For sale is Volume 2 of the 87 Chassis service manual. This has all the vehicles still attached and has not been ripped apart or missing sections. The front two pages are ripped. I'd like to get 30.00 shipped, as this is a heavy piece. Please contact me to receive my paypal email and...
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    Cam sensor-----SOLD on 3-4-16

    ----------Cam sensor has been sold-----
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    Hot Rod Drag Week 2012.

    The locations for Dragweek have been posted. I hope there'll be more buicks on trip this year! The dates are Sept 9-14. Sept 9th & 10th Tulsa. Oklahoma The 11th: Motorplex in Ennis, Texas The 12th: Thunder Road in Gilliam, Louisiana The 13th: Memphis International Raceway; The 14th: back...
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    My christmas weekend basement project

    Over the weekend, I did work down in the basement at the house. I painted the once finger printed stained wall downstairs. I washed, primed and painted it 'simply lemonade' I also put up some pictures that I've framed. I still have way more pictures that need to be framed or hung. Especially...
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    RCI Latch Lock 5 point belt-BRAND NEW

    For sale: 1 RCI latch lock 5 point belt set. Black. Manufactured July of 2011. These are brand new. 75 shipped.
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    rmar-Do buisness with him as much as you can!

    I just wanted to post some positive feedback about Ronnie. I bought a turbo shield from him that was already ceramic coated. I didnt think I'd be lucky to get my hands on a shield so quickly, but he had a few that were ready to go! I sent the money via PP and within the week, I got the...
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    Stock turbo shield

    I'm in need of a stock heat shield. If it's been cut for a TH style downpipe, that's fine. I have paypal, or willing to send a money order from the post office.
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    2011 Hot Rod Drag Week

    Is anyone planning to go on Drag Week this year? The dates are Sept 11-12 Topeka, Kansas Heartland Park Sept 13 Great Bend, Kansas SRCA Drag Strip Sept 14 Amarillo, Texas Amarillo Dragway Sept 15 Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa Raceway Park Sept 16...
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    sheet metal 14 bolt oil pan, any interested?

    I've got a sheet metal 14 bolt oil pan that I'd sell. I dont know who made it, or anything. It looks to be a home made unit. Would anyone be interested in this?
  17. J

    Stolen 65 Skylark from Kansas

    Attached are photos of a 1965 Buick Skylark that was stolen from a shop in Pomona Kansas. The theft occurred between 12/25/10 at 1400 hrs. to 12/26/10 at 07:30 hrs. The VIN on the car is 444675K100498. It is entered into NCIC. It had an antique tag of 111047 displayed on it. The keys had...
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    8.5 G80 rearend complete

    I have a spare G80 8.5 rearend for sale. This came out of my car and worked perfectly when pulled. Will send pictures when requested. Located in Topeka, KS. Will ship if necassary but would prefer pick up. Price: $850 Thanks, Adam
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    GN, TTA and T-Type bumper stickers

    I have for sale some more bumper stickers and now different logos. T-Type logo is red T and a chrome Type with correct text style TTA: The Turbo is brushed gold and looks awesome in person. The white Trans Am is correct font. The GN sticker takes the most time completing because the checker...
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    Turbo 6 air freshener-BLOW OUT SALE

    I am having a big sale with the turbo 6 air freshener that I have left over from the Buick Vs. Ford shootout that I had for sale at. Size: 3.75 in. Tall and 3.25 in. Wide Printed in full color on both sides Come individually hermetically packaged with rubber band attached. Stays fresh...