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  1. Wgrainy

    Rjc 3" exhaust

    Full rjc 3 inch exhaust. Less than 500 miles on it
  2. Wgrainy

    T top plastics

    Anyone have non cracked t top plastic trim?
  3. Wgrainy

    3rd gen camaro factory rear discs

    I had an 85 iroc with factory rear discs. I was thinking about brakes while I have my rear end disassembled and thought of 3rd gen rear discs. Has anyone tried done this already? My goal is rear discs that fit under stock wheels and keep parking brake.
  4. Wgrainy

    Power injection bulb wiring

    I decided to wire up the power injection bulb for my alky kit. Does anyone have a diagram or know how to wire it? Thanks
  5. Wgrainy

    T-TOP interior plastic

    Looking for original A pillar plastic peices. Drivers side needed. Ill buy both if you have them. No cracks etc.
  6. Wgrainy

    Some upgrades with STOCK RADIO

    In the process of upgrading my sound. Had to keep my stock radio. Here are some pics
  7. Wgrainy

    Steering boxes. Lee vs turnone vs psc

    Any experience with either? It seems turnone boxes are verygood. I like the idea of the 3 bearing upgrade lee offers. Ive heard psc was the best hands down but highest priced. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with either and how you liked it Thanks
  8. Wgrainy

    Turbo Lou built it

    Turbo lou absolutley crushed my expectations with my 87. To all my San Diego family, dont waste tour time in sd. Slide up the freeway a tad and leave it with Lou. Long story short, i wanted 400hp. Nobody in san diego had the experience to get it done properly. Lou put a full exhaust...
  9. Wgrainy

    Hi low converter suggestions

    Het guys looking for a suggestion for a hi low converter for a 5 channel amp. Im doing the sound on my gn and have decided to keep the factory radio. Anybody know of a quality hi low converter? Looking for real life suggestions, ive already used the google search bar
  10. Wgrainy

    Good SAN DIEGO gn mechanic

    Looking for a mechanic in SAN DIEGO, im looking to do a few things, valve springs, cam, turbo, injectors. Anybody in san diego have any good reviews for a shop in SD please chime in. **no oc/la/ie recommendations please i like to stay local Thanks
  11. Wgrainy

    Need some rust advice

    70k 87 gn rust on frame. Need some advice. I'm using vinegar right now but it's taking forever. Has anyone used something that is more 'immediate'. Was thinking por15 but I haven't personally used it. I have seen it mentioned a ton in threads. Thanks in advance.
  12. Wgrainy

    Wire identification help!

    Just bought my first gn. Tighting up a few things. Looking for some wire diagrams or input on what this is. Drivers side. Thanks in advance.