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    78/80 Turbo hood free

    Do you want to part with the dash cluster,and do you still have the hood. Thanks Tony
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    Oil choices

    way to sum it up v6sleeper
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    looking for s2 cast tunnel ram lid,solid not carbed

    anyone have have a lid I have a carbed lid, wanting solid lid Thank. Tony
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    wanted/ s2 cast tunnel ram lid, solid, without carb hole. Tony

    Hi,Anyone have a lid, I have the carbed top cover but im wanting the solid cover. Thanks Tony
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    Orignal GNX Dash and GNX Rear Suspension Kit

    Do you still have the dash? And can you post some pics. Thanks
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    GN/TR Spotted in Commercial??

    looked again and mirrors don't look like a gbody
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    GN/TR Spotted in Commercial??

    if you look you can see the side marker lights flash, it looks like a Gregal not sure about the hood.
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    *UPDATE* OK Guys.... Looking for opinions on setting up a new LIVE AUCTION on TB.COM.....WOULD LIKE INPUT FROM MEMBERS *UPDATE*

    Thanks for the hard work that is going into this, keep your spirits up. Cant wait thanks, Tony
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    GNX Chip needed.....

    Still need chip, I have chip and Ecu from car 261 call 423 639 8616 leave message
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    Lock up converter 7-800 hp

    That last pass was great, looking good congrats.
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    Two NASCAR stage 2 engines for sale

    Just change the pistons and we be ready for a hole lot boost:p
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    I need a custom timing chain, please Help!!

    hope this helps call Don Cruz he runs a 1500 hp raised cam 4.1 but he will probably want yo buy your block great guy he will help you 813 486 0081
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    Picked up another T-type

    very nice looking cars what gear ratio are you runnning down the 1/8 with
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    60# injectors with TT chip

    hey chrisss do ya still have inj. i need your number thanks tony