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    New! XFI, classic and Sportsman FB tech support group

    How do we find the support group on Facebook? I have FB just new to it. Lol
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Sorry didn't post that. Prefer the 1.55 but open to see what's available
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Thanks I checked with him but they were already sold
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Anyone have any roller rockers for sale????Need them for champion iron heads. Message me with what you have before I buy new.
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    Parts for sale

    I thought I would be 1st inline on the valve covers but I guess not. If whoever beat me out of them backs out let me know.
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    Parts for sale

    Interested in valve covers. Anything wrong with them? Dented or cracked? Do you know if they will fit TA aluminium and or champion heads?
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    Make over time

    Very nice work. Interested in seeing the final results.
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    OPGI Buick event, July 13th

    Are any local guys planning to head out to this show?
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    Super high idle in park (MAL code 24)

    I had the same problem. In my case I swapped the IAC sensor and all good now.
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Any buicks making it to irwindale tonight?
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    Bob Bailey ignition module

    What is special about this harness? What is the cost of the harness to run the smart coils?
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    Same problem here
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    Weatherstrip Woes

    How about if you have manual windows whats the best weatherstrip to use?
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    Fast xfi help

    What did you have to do to get it connected to the laptop . I'm having the same issue with my laptop not wanting to read USB??
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    Correct carpet color for a 87 T????

    Have a question, trying to order new carpets from highway stars. Can anyone tell me if they know the correct carpet color for a 1987 dark blue metallic T type?? They send me a picture of 3 colors. I'm just wondering if anyone has went through this.
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    Tucson Arizona Track Rental

    I'd be interested but would definitely have to make sure the AAA card is renewed. :unsure:
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    Engine wiring clean up question???

    I agree there but i guess I explained myself wrong. Would it be bad to eliminate this big bulky plug and solder direct . I circled the plug in red.
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    Engine wiring clean up question???

    Hello all, had a question. Is it a bad idea to eliminate the wire connectors and go direct with wires on the stuff near the intake area? For example like the IAC connector harness and the harness that connects to the TPS. Basically asking can I cut off the plastic harness and just go...
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    Ridetech G-Body "Tru-Turn" & Coil Over Install

    I have a question here on the rear coilover set up?? Is it normal to have to adjust 1 side more then the other to get the stance aligned? I have to give the car about a additional 20 full turns on passenger more then the driver side to get the car to sit even on the rear??