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  1. Amab145

    RJC Stainless 3” Downpipe

    Looking to sell my 3” RJC racing Stainless Steel downpipe with an internal gate setup. Pipe is in nice shape with no dents or bends. Only reason for sale is switch to 3.5” TA external gate downpipe. $400
  2. Amab145

    Spark Plugs for TA heads and TR6

    I have a thread going over in the performance ECM upgrade section but wanted to post my question here to hopefully get some additional exposure. I’m running a set of TA aluminum heads with Bob’s TR6 ignition and i need to get some spark plugs for it. I’ve been running the wrong style plugs...
  3. Amab145

    Engine breaking up in Boost

    Hey guys, I'm having a terrible issue of my car breaking up when I roll into the throttle and come into boost. Cruising around not in any type of boost the car is fine, but once I get into boost it's ugly. I haven't gone past 7-8psi because when this happens, I'm afraid of doing damage to the...
  4. Amab145

    DeatschWerks DW300 Double Pumper Fail??

    I have a double pumper setup with a pair of DW300's that normally at cruise/idle are around 45psi. This morning out for a cruise I noticed the car seemed to have a rough idle and wanted to stumble slightly at lower RPM's. I have an XFI with the eDash and saw that o2 correction was 10%+ and was...
  5. Amab145

    FS: Power logger, ECU and SD2 chip

    Selling my ECU with Power logger and SD2 chip installed. Comes with cables for connection to laptop. Looking to sell together as a bundle preferably and not separate. Reason for sale is change to XFI. Worked excellent when removed last month. $375 for all. PM me with any questions, Thanks!!
  6. Amab145

    XFI Issues

    Hey guys, recently purchased the XFI 2.0 package from Cal (who's excellent to deal with btw) and I haven't gotten much time to mess with the car in the weeks since install. Today I fired it up and ran it for a little bit and noticed a few issues I'm hoping someone can help me with. First is...
  7. Amab145

    Power Logger Connection Issue/scanmaster G

    Hey guys I just downloaded the new software 2.6 from Bob's website for the Scanmaster G. I also updated to a Windows 7 laptop and followed the MProg instructions to update the power logger and can't get it to connect. Now my laptop won't connect to the PL at all. When i hit F8, it just beeps...
  8. Amab145

    FS: Caspers Knock Gauge

    For Sale: Caspers knock gauge, black face. Been installed in car since August, less than 3 hours total use on the gauge. Selling because I can't run a knock sensor anymore so have no use for the gauge. $75 shipped
  9. Amab145

    Power Logger and SD2 problem

    Hey guys, hoping I can get some help here. While tuning in the PL software today, I didn't like how the car was responding to the adjustments I was making, so I went back and uploaded the log I had yesterday when the car ran decent and sent it from my laptop to the PL. When I did, all hell...
  10. Amab145

    Car running bad, please help

    Hey guys, I just got the car on the road after a year and a half build and it runs terrible. The max speed I've been able to get is 15mph, with the car missing and showing crazy amounts of knock. I've looked at everything I can on the scanmaster and made sure all the numbers are where they...
  11. Amab145

    New Style Double Din

    Hey guys, just wanted to share an idea I had and decided to run with in my car. I many of us are looking for some cool audio ideas, specifically making a double din with navigation work in one of our cars. I personally was torn between having my stock radio modified, going to some sort of...
  12. Amab145

    Transmission Dipstick

    Looking for a stock tranny dipstick. Have the tube, just need the dipstick. Thanks!
  13. Amab145

    FS: Coilpack, Module, MSD wires, turbo etc.

    For Sale: Stock Turbo w/ Inlet - $100 - *Sale Pending Stock Headers, both sides no cracks, never welded on, off low mile GN - $125 *Sale Pending Standard T-Series Module #LX338T brand new never unboxed - $65 High Output Ignition Coil, #25526448 HO, Brand new never unboxed - $50 Coil Pack...
  14. Amab145

    FS: Torque Thrust M Wheels & Tires

    For Sale: 17x8, 5x4.75, 0mm offset Chrome torque thrust M wheels and tires. Purchased a two years ago and with a whopping 379 miles on them. No burnouts, no odd tire wear. Tires are 245/45/ZR17 Over $1,200 for everything new, will sell for $850 Located in Scranton, PA
  15. Amab145

    Tru design wheels

    Hey guy, I posted this in the vendors section, but looks like they weren't a supporting vendor. Anyone know what's up with Tru-Design wheels? I spoke to them not that long ago and he (Jim?) told me to ship him my wheels to get redone when I was ready. Called yesterday to give him a heads up...
  16. Amab145

    True Design Wheels

    Has anyone heard anything regarding True design wheels? I spoke to them about two months ago regarding doing a set of wheels for me, and he said when I was ready to just ship them out. I called yesterday to give him a heads up that I was ready to ship them, and the website is down and phone...
  17. Amab145

    WTB: HR Parts Rear Sway Bar

    Looking for an HR parts rear sway bar #0452 for a Ford 9".
  18. Amab145

    10-Bolt Rear

    FS: Stock 10-bolt rear for a g-body. Non-posi. Just came out of my Buick, stock gear, absolutely nothing wrong with it, complete drum to drum. Reason for sale is I switched to a Ford M9 9" housing. Located in PA. $300
  19. Amab145

    WTB: G Body Ford 9"

    Looking to see if anyone has a Ford 9" for sale for the G-body? Looking at one from Mosier but first wanted to check and see if anyone had one for sale they wanted to get rid of. Thanks in advance! TJ
  20. Amab145

    Newbie 10.0-10.5 Build

    Hey guys, name is TJ, new to the forum as well as these amazing cars! I was looking for an introduction thread but didn’t find one. I have a lot of experience in the small block chevy world, but am completely new to these turbo Buick’s. I’ve been reading non-stop for months on this forum and...